March 27 — round table “The road to home: how is the transport issue solved in new buildings?”

The development of new areas by developers and the appearance of large residential areas there partially solve the housing issue, but they put a new one in front of the new settlers — transport. And it is difficult for builders to sell apartments in a house that they will have to get to on crosswalks. And if developers can build intra—block roads themselves, then large highways and the development of public transport are still the task of the city and regional authorities. We will talk about how transport megaprojects will help developers and where the road network requires closer attention at the round table.

Questions for discussion:

    In which areas of active development are all good with transport, and where is the worst? What can developers do (and are doing) to improve the transport situation of residents of their complexes? What are the city’s plans for the development of transport infrastructure in areas of active development? Is there a dialogue between the city and the region on the development of transport infrastructure? Which of the declared objects (vsd, shmsd, kad-2) are the developers waiting for the most? Where and when should the subway go? What other transport is better to develop in the areas of new buildings? The dependence of the cost of housing on the availability of transport infrastructure. Prospects for the development of the city and the region — synchronization of residential and transport construction.

Developers and real estate agencies, urbanists and experts in the field of transport, representatives of transport companies are invited to participate.

According to the results of the round table, publication on the website is planned

Information about the event: the round table will be held on March 27 at 12:00. Additional information will be provided on the format of the event.

Contacts for participation: Olga Karpus, +7(921) 9026991,

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