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Thailand has the status of one of the most exotic countries in the world. Buddhist laws and norms are respected on its territory at the same time as the state legislative base.

There are a large number of night and day markets in Phuket and other cities of the country, where food, various industrial goods and clothing are sold. One of these is Karon, located on the territory of the temple complex.

The location of the market on Karon

Karon Night Market (Phuket) is known for a large number of various souvenirs, selling dishes of national Thai cuisine. All night or evening bazaars in Thailand are considered outbound.

Ночной рынок Карон, Пхукет (Karon Night Market) на карте. Режим работы

Karon Night Market, Phuket

Due to the fact that the Karon is temporary, the number of stalls is influenced by the tourist seasonality and the presence of national celebrations and celebrations. A night bazaar is a place where people communicate with each other, have lunch together or buy takeaway food.

The shopping malls in the market stretch throughout the temple, so one of the advantages of Karon is its convenient location. The market is located on the north side of the beach of the same name, on the territory of a very beautiful temple called Suwan Kihiri Khet.

When going to the market, you should pay attention to the rules of visiting it, women need to put on clothes that cover their shoulders and knees. This is a necessary measure due to the fact that the bazaar is located in a religious and religious place.

Sometimes, during the services in the bazaar, you can meet monks walking along the shopping malls. If you feel like visiting the bazaar, you can go to a Buddhist temple, thereby you will have the opportunity to touch the sacred rituals.

How to get

Karon Evening Bazaar Location: 456, Thailand, Phuket 83100, Patak Rd Karon, on Mueang Phuket District. It is located on the island of Phuket in the central part of the Karon tourist area, it is distinguished by a lively trade in a variety of themed goods.

If you stay near the Karon beach area, you can walk to the bazaar. The coastal strip can serve as a guide for those who want to get to the bazaar from the rest of the village. It is possible to get from Phuket to the bazaar by public transport at a cost of 60 baht.

It is possible to get to the evening bazaar by moving along the street called Pathakrd, you need to climb the ring, walking along the multiple cafeterias, shops and restaurants. When you reach the intersection, turn right, there will be a temple complex. A bus runs past him on the route from Phuket to Karon.

The bus route will run in Karon along a street called Pathak, then run parallel to the beach line. To get to the bazaar directly from the airport terminal in Phuket, you need to find a minibus on the territory of the airport terminal that goes to the Karon beach area.

It is possible to get to the evening bazaar by taxi, using a tuk-tuk, a rented motorbike or a car.

Working hours

For Thais, visiting night markets is a certain kind of folk entertainment and festivities, for this reason, all markets located at temple complexes are open on weekends and holidays.

Ночной рынок Карон, Пхукет (Karon Night Market) на карте. Режим работы

Karon Night Market (Phuket), like most bazaars throughout Phuket, opens in the afternoon when the intense heat subsides. The working hours of the bazaar are strongly influenced by weather conditions. When it’s cloudy outside, sellers go out to work earlier, if the weather is cloudless and very hot, then later.

There is no official opening schedule for the bazaar. The bazaar near the temple complex is open twice a week, on Tuesday and Saturday, most often sellers open their shops after 14.00 h and close around 20.00 h.

On days when there are a lot of customers, some merchants continue to work until midnight.

Products at the Night Market

The evening bazaar is located in the most central part of the district. Karon Market is considered to be the most popular place, popular with tourists staying in hotels nearby. Most of the goods in it are aimed at guests of the city.

When visiting the shopping stalls near the Karon temple, you will be able to buy food and clothes, pick up souvenirs and at the same time feel the atmosphere of life of ordinary Thai people. They sell souvenirs that are ubiquitous in other stores in Phuket, from bright sports T-shirts to national Thai items, but usually at a reduced cost.

Stalls have been set up in the bazaar near the temple, where unique piece goods created manually by Thai needleworkers are sold. Also, at the bazaar you can buy skin care products made on the basis of aloe vera and coconut oil, cosmetics and latex products.

It is offered to purchase goods in closed tents:

  • bathing accessories;
  • jewelry and shorts;
  • sunglasses;
  • bags and beach shoes;
  • scarves and T-shirts;
  • cosmetics and souvenirs;
  • light dresses and sundresses.

Ночной рынок Карон, Пхукет (Karon Night Market) на карте. Режим работы

Unlike other night bazaars, there is not much food for sale on Karon. There are several tents near the entrance to the bazaar, the rest of the places are occupied by the sale of industrial and cosmetic goods.

There is an opportunity to purchase products on the market:

  • vegetables, fruits, coconuts;
  • national snacks;
  • full meals.

Sometimes people come to the bazaar to buy fruits and vegetables in kilograms, but some tourists prefer to buy small packages of already chopped vegetables and fruits.

Ночной рынок Карон, Пхукет (Karon Night Market) на карте. Режим работы

In addition to national Thai dishes, there is an opportunity to purchase traditional European food at the bazaar:

  • smoked fish and rice;
  • ready-made chicken and duck;
  • pancakes and shrimp;
  • eggs and donuts;
  • pancakes and French fries;
  • a variety of salads.

Karon Night Market (Phuket) is popular not only with tourists, it is visited with pleasure by the local population. Residents and visitors of the country go to the bazaar to buy national traditional delicatessen goods. At the bazaar, you can try unusual and unique food and at the same time significantly save money, because food is cheaper at the bazaar than at any other institution in Thailand.

Ночной рынок Карон, Пхукет (Karon Night Market) на карте. Режим работы

There is an opportunity to try at the bazaar:

  • Thai sweetness;
  • sushi and rolls;
  • fresh fruit cocktails;
  • meat and soy balls;
  • sausages made of meat and fish;
  • fried insects.

Approximate prices

Karon Night Market is a place where you can taste national dishes made from unusual products for a European. It is customary to bargain here, so if desired, it is possible to purchase goods with a decent discount. The cost of any product is indicated on special signs installed near them.

Depending on various factors, the cost of goods may constantly change. For example, fruits sold near the temple can cost from 40 to 80 baht per 1 kg. One serving at a fast food outlet will cost 25 baht.

At the night market, you can buy freshly prepared food, which is prepared in front of the client:

Pancakes with different fillings (chicken, shrimp, crabs). A piece of meat is wrapped in pancakes, noodles and cabbage are added in translation into Russian money, the cost is 36 rubles.
Skewers of squid, octopus and shrimp. Dishes are cooked on the grill with the customer in translation into Russian money, the cost is 30 rubles.
Soy sauce, wasabi and chopsticks free
Ginger in translation into Russian money, the cost is 50 rubles.
Ready-made stewed ribs translated into Russian money, the cost is 450 rubles per 500 g
Large shrimp on skewers or skewers from 15 to 25 baht per piece

Thai rolls are sold individually, for every 10 purchased pieces, 1 roll is given for free. The cost of 1 roll is 25 rubles. The rolls are typed into the container independently to your taste. Thai rolls consist of boiled rice, a variety of fillings are stacked on top.

It consists of the following ingredients:

  • fish and shrimp;
  • eggs and algae;
  • octopuses and caviar;
  • salads and crab sticks.

At the Karon Night Market in Phuket Square, dishes are usually seasoned with soy sauce or wasabi.

The most famous dish on the Thai market is considered to be Pad Thai noodles. It is prepared in front of the client and there is always the biggest queue behind it.

Among the variety of non-food products on the market, there is a large number of summer and beachwear. A huge variety of bags, jewelry, shawls and scarves.

The approximate cost of the goods:

Beach Shirt Dress 950 rubles .
Baby Dress 500 rubles.
Gels made on the basis of aloe 120 rubles.
Handmade soap 95 rubles for 1 piece, 237 rubles for 3 pieces.
Sunglasses 240 rubles .
Eyeglass Cases 120 rubles.

It should be concluded that the night bazaar on Karon, located in Phuket, should definitely be visited during a gastronomic tour and just curious tourists. The interesting market is considered one of the main places of Karon and is the main attraction of the area.

Around the night bazaar, you can feel the true atmosphere of Thailand, immersing tourists in the everyday life of the country and vividly showing the culture and customs of the locals.

Author: Olga Zhanskaya

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