Domclick has calculated the regions of Russia with the lowest housing prices

The minimum indicators for the market of new buildings were noted in the Smolensk, Pskov and Orenburg regions, for the secondary sector — in Ingushetia, Orenburg and Smolensk regions

The Smolensk region tops the rating of regions with minimum prices for new buildings and is in the top 3 of a similar rating for the secondary market

The lowest cost is 1 sq. m. The m of primary housing in Russian regions out of the top 10 for issuing Sberbank mortgages by the end of February was noted in the Smolensk region, and secondary housing in Ingushetia. Such data is contained in the review of Domclick analysts provided to the editorial office by the press service of Sbera. The calculations show weighted median indicators in the ads for the sale of housing on the showcase, the sample is cleared of abnormal values for its region.

The minimum cost of a “square” in new buildings was 76.7 thousand rubles. The second place after the Smolensk region is occupied by the Pskov region (78 thousand rubles), the third is the Orenburg region (79 thousand rubles). The Republic of North Ossetia — Alania (81.3 thousand rubles) and the Tambov region (82.3 thousand rubles) also made it into the top five.

In the secondary market, the first place in the rating of regions with low housing prices is occupied by the Republic of Ingushetia with 54.7 thousand rubles per 1 sq. m. The Orenburg Region is in second place (67.9 thousand rubles), the Smolensk Region is in third place (72 thousand rubles). The Kurgan Region (74.1 thousand rubles) and the Jewish Autonomous Region (74.6 thousand rubles) complete the top five.

Regions from the top 10 in mortgage demand with the lowest housing prices

The place in the rating is the Primary market, the price in thousand rubles per 1 sq. m. m Secondary market, price in thousand rubles per 1 sq. m 1 Smolensk region (76.7) Republic of Ingushetia (54.7) 2 Pskov region (78) Orenburg region (67.9) 3 Orenburg region (79) Smolensk region (72) 4 Republic of North Ossetia — Alania (81.3) Kurgan region (74.1) 5 Tambov Region (82.3) Jewish Autonomous Region (74.6) 6 Kurgan Region (85.3) Udmurt Republic (75.1) 7 Orel Region (87.9) Bryansk Region (76) 8 Vologda Region (89.5) Ulyanovsk Region (77.5) 9 Republic of Mari El (90.2) Astrakhan Region (77.5) 10 Kostroma Region (91.6) Perm Region (78.7)

Data: “Domclick”

At the end of 2023, Domclick analysts investigated the secondary offer in their marketplace and named the minimum cost of an apartment in the exposition. The indicator amounted to 100.5 thousand rubles. — in such a budget, it was then proposed to purchase a one-room apartment with an area of 35 sq. m. m in the city of Azov (Rostov region).

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