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The flight is already part of the vacation, but if it is long, it can be unbearably boring. One has only to sit in a not too spacious chair with close neighbors, and now you want to go out somewhere, talk to someone and do something else that is not yet available. What to do on the plane if the flight lasts 5, 9 or even 14 hours? In fact, you can come up with a lot of activities that will make the flight seem pleasant and not too long. You just need to take care of everything you need in advance. Read our article on what to do on the plane, and you won’t get bored.

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Games, crosswords and puzzles

It’s not that hard to figure out what to do on a plane for 3 or 4 hours. It is enough to download games that work offline to your phone in advance. With them, you won’t notice how time flies by. If you like any kind of crossword puzzles, they are also suitable. If you are flying with someone, you can take regular cards, compact chess or other road games. All this is useful not only on the plane, but also during a vacation, for example, on the beach.

Books and magazines

Do you have a list of books that you want to read? Or maybe they’re even bought and waiting on the shelf? Take one of them with you, and you will have something to do on the plane during a long flight. If it is inconvenient to take a paper copy, download the electronic version to your tablet or smartphone. It is quite possible to fully read a medium-sized book in 8 hours on a plane. You can also buy a glossy magazine. It won’t last long, but you’ll enjoy the beautiful photos, and then you can share the magazine with your neighbors.

Music, audiobooks and podcasts

You don’t have to read books, but listen to them, then your eyes won’t get tired. Just make sure in advance that you like the voice and manner of performance of the reader. You can just pick up a playlist with your favorite music, listen to it and relax while looking out the window. Finally, you can choose podcasts on any topic that interests you. The main thing is to make sure that all this is available without the Internet. Download files to your device in advance or use offline mode in music services.

Movies and TV series

Many people would be happy to review the Harry Potter films or the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but where can I find so much time? But this is exactly what you can do on the plane so that you don’t get bored during the flight. Your favorite TV series is also suitable. It is possible that a new season of the show that you like has just been released. A long flight is a good time to get to know him.

Пассажирка самолета смотрит фильм в наушниках

Coloring pages-antistress, needlework and creativity

Coloring small details is soothing and uplifting. In addition, this activity goes well with listening to music or audiobooks. Instead of ordinary pencils, it is better to take wax pencils on the plane, they do not need to be sharpened. But coloring pages are not the only thing you can do on the plane. Needlework is also suitable, for example, embroidery or knitting. And you can also try to compose a story — a magical or romantic story that will captivate you.

Travel planning and diary

Often, all thoughts during the flight turn to travel. And this is another idea of what to do with yourself on the plane. When your vacation has just started, plan every day of it, if you haven’t already done so. You can scroll through the guidebook, look at the map, or listen to a podcast about the country you are going to. Even if everything is already planned, why not dream about the next vacation? And when you return home, it is convenient to write down all your impressions on the plane, because the memories are still fresh and nothing distracts. You will be pleased to re-read these notes later.

The order in the phone

You probably have a lot of photos in your phone, some of which need to be deleted and some edited. There is often not enough time for this, but this is exactly what you can do on the plane when you are bored. In addition to photos, you can delete unnecessary applications, music and videos, as well as arrange icons in a new way. It will become more convenient to use the phone, and the freed memory will be useful for new photos.

Пассажир самолета с телефоном

Work and study

Not everyone will agree to work when their vacation has already come. But if you are striving for high productivity and are thinking about what you can do on a plane for 5 or 6 hours, why not spend time usefully? Even if there is no Internet, you can still figure out what to do on the flight, besides, you will not be distracted by social networks. For example, you can write an article, a report, or a draft letter, search for new ideas, or do long-term planning. You can also study on the plane, whether it’s a basic education or a separate skill that you want to master.

Learning a foreign language

What else to do on the flight if you don’t prepare for a long-awaited vacation? The ability to communicate with the locals will certainly prove useful. You can’t learn the whole language in a few hours, but you can remember the most frequently used phrases. To do this, take a phrasebook with you, download the course in advance or install an application like Duolingo. If you have already learned the language before, old notes will be useful.


Eating something delicious is one of the most enjoyable activities, besides, time flies by unnoticed. You should not hope that the flight attendants will bring everything you need at the right time. It’s better to take with you what you love. Do not limit yourself to sweets or chips, keep in mind the needs of the body. Do not forget about water — it is recommended to drink more than usual on the plane.

Перекус в самолете

Taking care of yourself

A long flight has a bad effect on health due to dry air and long immobility. Here’s what you can do on the plane to minimize harm and entertain yourself:

  • Cosmetic procedures. Protect your skin from dehydration: wipe your face with tonic, apply moisturizer and lip balm, do not forget about your hands. You can spray your face with thermal water, and apply makeup before landing or do without it.
  • Charging. You can stretch your muscles and speed up blood circulation even in your chair. Some yoga exercises and poses are suitable for this. You can twist your spine to the right and left, arch your back, stretch your legs, or just strain and relax different muscles. If you are reading or watching a movie, do eye exercises as well.
  • Breathing exercises and meditation. These classes are especially useful for those who are nervous during flights. Relaxing breathing with short breaths and long exhalations quickly relieves tension. Meditation works the same way, but it’s better to download music for it in advance.
  • A walk through the salon. Every 2-3 hours, feel free to ask your neighbor to let you through to walk. Go to the bathroom, just walk back and forth, stand on your toes and heels to stretch your legs. This will reduce the feeling of fatigue and reduce the risk of blood clots.
Медитация в самолете

Now you know what to do with yourself on the flight and what to take on the plane so that you don’t get bored. And if none of the activities will entice you, maybe you should just relax? The last days before a vacation are often exhausting, and the body needs sleep more than entertainment. A compact pillow and mask are useful for a comfortable sleep. In order not to freeze, you can put a wool scarf or a light jacket in your carry-on luggage.


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