Prices in Thailand

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The budget issue is one of the main ones that interests everyone who is going on vacation to Thailand. The first thing to remember is that Thais are very sensitive to their own currency. Therefore, you will have to pay in Thai baht for all services and goods. It is most profitable to exchange rubles for dollars at home, and dollars in Thailand to exchange for baht. Exchangers are here at every step and you can choose a good course.

Strangely enough, the best way to get acquainted with the local cuisine is markets and “makashnitsy” — motorbikes, from which dishes are served. Any of them will cost you only about 50 baht, which is equivalent to 80 rubles. In restaurants and cafes, prices are slightly higher, but they are also quite acceptable.

Renting a house is much cheaper than in Russia, but it is still noticeable. Depending on the location and conditions, the cost can vary from 6 to 10 thousand. baht (8-15 thousand rubles) per month. If you plan to rent a house for less than a month, the price will still be almost the same. Therefore, it is more profitable to go to Thailand for 30 days or more. In Phuket, for 10,000 baht, you will be offered a private house with all amenities, excellent conditions and a private pool. It’s very inexpensive.

Regarding excursions, there are several nuances here. You can book an excursion directly at a travel agency in Russia, or you can already directly on the spot. The second option is cheaper, but the first one is often much better in terms of saturation and informativeness. In principle, in order to save money, most of the attractions can be visited independently.

In Thailand, you can easily rent a tuk-tuk motorbike. This is the most popular means of transportation among Thais. But there are no problems with public transport either. In general, Thailand is a very democratic country in terms of prices. Here you can both walk around to the fullest and save money well. It all depends on your personal preferences and the ability to manage your own funds.


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