What difficulties do tourists with animals face when traveling?

MTS Travel service interviewed pet owners on the topic of traveling with pets. It turned out that a fifth of the owners are stopped from traveling by various difficulties.


С какими трудностями в путешествиях сталкиваются туристы с животными?


According to the MTS Travel survey, half (47%) of pet owners travel with them at least once a year or more often. About a third (31%) do not consider it necessary to take pets on trips, and a fifth would like to, but refuses due to various difficulties.  The most common among them are pet stress during trips (47%), restrictions on the freedom of movement of owners (42%) and difficulties in finding housing (34%).

Russians traveling with animals most often prefer to stay with relatives (58%). 43% of respondents choose pet-friendly hotels or stay with friends. 18% of respondents said that they spent the night with animals in a car or tents on trips, and another 13% lived with pets in glamping (multiple choice of answer was possible in this question).  When choosing tourist accommodation available for check-in with animals, 39% of travelers use hotel aggregators. A quarter study the websites of hotels, the same number of tourists request the necessary information through a search engine. Among other less popular sources are recommendations from acquaintances and opinion leaders (multiple choice of answer was possible in this question).

Almost two thirds (63%) of the owners use only a private car to travel. A third are also ready to get to their destination by train (36%), only a quarter of the respondents take animals on the plane. Tourists travel with pets by bus less often (16%), and 15% use all types of transport (multiple choice of answer was possible in this question).

Only 13% of respondents who take animals on trips practice urban tourism – the rest choose natural locations for joint recreation. This may be due to the fact that not all cities are adapted enough for traveling with pets.

Among the difficulties encountered during the trip, the survey participants noted a small choice or lack of pet-friendly hotels and public places to visit with animals, restrictions on the freedom of movement of animals during their stay at the hotel (35% each), restrictions on the transportation of animals (34%). At the same time, one in five at least once noticed an unfriendly attitude towards their pet on a trip. However, 28% admitted that they had never had any problems (multiple choice answers were possible in this question).

If we talk about the budget for traveling with pets, then 41% of respondents spend less than 5 thousand rubles per pet on one trip. More than a third of tourists (35%) noted that keeping an animal costs them from 5 to 10 thousand rubles. 17% spend from 10 to 20 thousand rubles on a trip. More than 20 thousand rubles can be spent by 7% of tourists per month.

Cats turned out to be the most popular pets in Russia — 85% of respondents got them. The top five favorite pets included dogs (45%), fish (11%), parrots (8%) and rodents (7%) (multiple choice answers were possible in this question).


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