US Attractions: Top 35 best places

Popular landmarks in the USA - top 35 best places.

Достопримечательности США: Топ-35 лучших мест

What to see in the USA for every tourist coming here? Of course, the Statue of Liberty and the Hollywood Walk of Stars, seasoned travelers will answer. But there are also many more interesting places in the United States that will surely remain in the tourist’s memory for a long time. We also made a brief overview, where we described the main attractions of the United States.

What to see in the USA first of all

American attractions differ not only in their diversity and scale, but also in their location in different parts of the country. Both day trips to the USA and thematic voyages are popular, for example, to places known from westerns, Indian territories or the largest megacities. Choose and travel with pleasure!

1. The Statue of Liberty (New York City)

Достопримечательности США: Топ-35 лучших мест

The Statue of Liberty is the main symbol of New York and the USA

Once in America for the first time, people tend to see all the sights of the USA. One of the most famous symbols of the country in the world – the Statue of Liberty – is located on a small island in the port of New York.

The majestic sculpture of a woman with a torch in her hand, reaching into the sky, has become the personification of American freedom. The crown on her head has seven rays, which means seven continents and seven oceans (according to the Western geographical tradition). In her other hand, she holds a slab with the date of the Declaration of Independence stamped on it.

The monument was made by French craftsmen commissioned by the US government and transported to the island in parts. Here, the Americans have already assembled it on a built-up plinth. The Statue of Liberty is not only a symbol, but also an active lighthouse in New York Harbor. The height of the statue from the beginning of the pedestal to the top of the torch is 93 meters. The figure is made of copper plates mounted on a steel frame.

If you are wondering what to see in the USA, be sure to visit the Statue of Liberty. Inside it there is a Museum of the Settlement of America, displaying the historical path of the country, as well as a spiral staircase leading to the very top, from where you can overlook the entire harbor. Tourists are transported to the island by ferry, which is very convenient.

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2. Central Park (New York City, Manhattan)

Достопримечательности США: Топ-35 лучших мест

A green area among the skyscrapers of Manhattan Island

The sights of the USA are of great interest to tourists. New York’s Central Park occupies a special place among them. It is an oasis of tranquility in the bustling business flow of Manhattan. The green zone stretches for 4 km in length and 800 meters in width.

The park was opened in 1859. Tens of thousands of workers have been gentrifying the territory for another 20 years. About 5 million trees were planted, and the land was brought from ecologically clean areas.

Now the park has a whole recreation infrastructure. These are various playgrounds, attractions, ice rinks and just picnic lawns. On the territory of the park there are:

    The central zoo, divided into zones for children and adults; Dairy – here you can find all the information related to the activities of the park; Gapstow Bridge – a stone bridge, a meeting place for couples in love; Sheep Meadow – a huge clearing where you can sit right on the grass; Belvedere – an ancient castle above the Turtle Pond; Shakespeare Garden – a plot an area of 4 acres, where plants sung by the great playwright are planted; Cleopatra’s Needle is a 20–meter-high statue donated by Egypt in 1880 in exchange for help in modernizing the country.

These are the largest elements of a huge forest area. Now you won’t have a question about what to see in the USA first. Central Park is the most visited attraction – 25 million people a year.

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3. Chinatown (New York City, Manhattan)

Достопримечательности США: Топ-35 лучших мест

Chinatown is the main crossroads of the world’s roads

A miracle has happened – you are in New York and have already seen the main sights of the USA, highly recommended by travel guides: The Statue of Liberty, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building. Now is the time to go to Chinatown in Manhattan to feel that the main intersection of the world’s roads consists not only of skyscrapers, frenzied traffic and cash flows.

In Chinatown, a popular habitat of the Chinese diaspora, a stone’s throw from the fashionable areas of the Big Apple, time slows down. The ethnic flavor is evident in this place in everything: traditional elements of the architecture of the Celestial Empire, red lanterns, signs written in hieroglyphs, noisy crowds of immigrants from China, Vietnam and other Far Eastern countries.

Grand Street and Canal Street attract tourists and locals with numerous bars and restaurants serving authentic Chinese cuisine. There are also shops and street ruins of Asians selling souvenirs, fakes of famous brands in the world of high fashion and real Chinese products like fish candies, spices, bean noodles. The street fish market is generally a separate attraction, where they sell live snakes, turtles, frogs next to the usual shrimps, shellfish and fresh fish.

Life in Chinatown boils around the clock and, oddly enough, this area is considered one of the safest in all of New York. You definitely need to come here to feel fully that America is a country of immigrants from all over the world.

4. The White House (Washington)

Достопримечательности США: Топ-35 лучших мест

The White House is the official residence of the President of the United States

The sights of the USA are represented by a very extensive list. But the most important of them from the point of view of the history of the executive branch is, of course, the White House.

He is a symbol of American democracy. The residence of the country’s rulers is named after the color of the building itself. It is one of the main attractions in the United States, and every year about one and a half million tourists come to the capital to see the grandeur and beauty of the world-famous building.

The date of construction dates back to the beginning of the XIX century. The White House has 132 rooms, more than 30 bathrooms and 3 elevators. 2 floors out of 6 are underground. Formal receptions are held in the Dining Room. There is a garden with a total area of 7 hectares around the house.

The President’s House is also a museum of both history and art history. The interior of the building contains antique paintings, antique furniture and household items. Of particular interest among tourists is the gallery of paintings depicting all the presidents of the country and their wives. Excursions are free, but you need to sign up six months in advance. Despite the accessibility, there are employees of the US Secret Service in the building and around its perimeter.

A visit to the colossus of history gives an idea of how the first persons of America lived and worked.

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5. The Pentagon (Virginia)

Достопримечательности США: Топ-35 лучших мест

The headquarters of the US Department of Defense

After visiting America, you definitely need to see the “political” attractions of the United States, for example, the Pentagon. That is where the country’s Ministry of Defense is located. The official address is Arlington County, Virginia, but for a long time the Pentagon has been associated with the capital, Washington.

The building is the largest of all office buildings in the world. It has the shape of a pentagram, which is why it is called that. The total area of the complex is 600 thousand square meters. meters. It has 7 floors, 2 of which are underground. The height of the building is 23 meters. The area of the courtyard is 21 thousand square meters. meters.

The Pentagon is also famous for its corridor system. Their total length is 28 kilometers. At the same time, the structure is designed so that in 7 minutes you can get to any, even the most remote point of the building.

The offices of various services and departments of the United States are located inside the premises. The infrastructure of food and recreation is well developed. The Hall of Heroes functions, where the ceremony of awarding the Congressional Medal of Honor, America’s highest military award, takes place.

Tourists are not charged, but after the events of 2011, pre-registration and passport are required. Excursions are conducted by cadets in the form of a festive sample. The inspection always ends near the memorial to the victims of the September 11 terrorist attack.

Watch the magnificent views of the USA in this beautiful video!

6. Hollywood and the Walk of Stars (Los Angeles, California)

Достопримечательности США: Топ-35 лучших мест

The copper star on the Starry Alley

When a tourist asks what to see in the USA, the answer comes lightning fast – of course, Hollywood. Everyone wants to visit the Dream Factory and see firsthand the places where legends live and are created.

Most of the film studios are located on the West Side. In Hollywood, full-scale filming and film editing are carried out. The Oscar ceremony, the highest award of the American film industry, is also held here. Since 2005, Hollywood has been recognized as an independent territorial unit.

It is impossible to pass by the famous landmark of the USA – the Star Alley. It is a symbol of California and the most visited place in America. The Alley is located in the courtyard of the Grauman’s Theater and is a complex of concrete slabs with stars made of copper. It is on these stars that the names of celebrities are imprinted. There are about 2,600 such plates. The first star appeared back in 1958.

There are also plates with hand and footprints of famous people. And not only people – the shepherd dog from the TV series “Commissioner Rex” was honored to leave paw prints.

The nameplates belong to movie and theater stars, politicians, the first astronaut to set foot on the surface of the moon, and other famous personalities.

The main part of the Alley stretches for 15 blocks. More than 10 million people visit it every year. For those planning a trip to the USA, Hollywood and the Alley of Stars are at the very top of the list of visits to famous attractions.

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7. Alcatraz (San Francisco, California)

Достопримечательности США: Топ-35 лучших мест

The most famous prison in the world

Alcatraz is the name of the island located in San Francisco. In ancient times, it was used as a defensive structure. Then it was set up as an army prison, and later it became an institution for dangerous criminals who repeatedly escaped from ordinary prisons. At the moment, the prison is not functioning. Now it is a museum, where hundreds of tourists travel daily by ferry from San Francisco.

During the gold rush, hundreds of ships flooded into San Francisco. For safe navigation, a lighthouse was installed on the island, which still stands today. They equipped the fort with powerful cannons. The construction of an ancient fort and a lighthouse on Alcatraz Island are popular attractions in the United States.

Escapes from this impregnable prison were planned more than once, but all attempts were unsuccessful. Five people were missing, someone was shot, and someone drowned. One of the most famous prisoners is considered to be Al Capone. This brutal mobster landed on the island in 1934. He was immediately denied privileges, which hit his ego hard.

Visiting the legendary prison is simply necessary to get into the spirit of the times and appreciate the scale of the prison territory.

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8. Niagara Falls (New York State)

Достопримечательности США: Топ-35 лучших мест

The most powerful water cascade

This is an association of several waterfalls on the Niagara River, which flows between New York State and Canada. The complex consists of waterfalls such as:

    Canadian; American; “Veil”.

When they connect, they create a powerful water cascade. Many romantics come to admire the beautiful views from the American side. A bridge has been built just downstream across the river, it is designed for both pedestrians and cars. Hydroelectric power plants with a total capacity of 4.5 gigawatts rise near the waterfall.

According to legend, the waterfall got its name from the name of the Indian settlement Ongiara. And every landmark in the United States is somehow connected with the names of Indian tribes.

Over time, the tourist infrastructure began to develop on the territory of the waterfall. Local tours are led by the best guides in New York. At one time, Niagara Falls was presented as the best place for entertainment and wedding ceremonies and travel.

The waterfall is one of the main sources of energy for New York City. The waterfall complex froze twice – in the middle of the XIX century and the beginning of the XX century. Be sure to visit these places and see firsthand all this power and beauty.

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9. Las Vegas (Nevada)

Достопримечательности США: Топ-35 лучших мест

The largest center of the Las Vegas gaming industry

Las Vegas is deservedly considered the largest center of the gaming (gambling) industry. The city is filled with many casinos and hotels. Endless concerts and light shows do not let tourists get bored around the clock. When coming here, be prepared to stay awake from night to morning.

Many large companies with global brands hold their presentations and banquets here. As soon as you find yourself in Las Vegas, the question of what to see in the USA will immediately disappear. This is a city of big lights and money, desires and their fulfillment.

The ideal climate is another reason to visit this city of opportunity. Hot summers and short snowless winters are characteristic of the subtropical climate. That’s why not only tourists from all over the world flock here, but also Americans themselves.

In the city, you can see an exact replica of the Eiffel Tower or the Sphinx near the entrance to the casino. Bright neon signs will warm up the excitement in you, inviting you to come in and place a bet. Urban transport consists of taxis and minibuses, so you can always quickly get from point A to point B. Going on a trip to Las Vegas, you do not need to take large amounts of money with you, otherwise you will be tempted to lose them. But miracles also happen – people win fabulous sums.

10. Grand Canyon (Arizona)

Достопримечательности США: Топ-35 лучших мест

One of the deepest ancient canyons in the world

The Grand Canyon (Grand Canyon) is considered to be the deepest canyon in the world. It is located on the territory of the national park of the same name in Arizona. In ancient times, Indians of various tribes lived here. The Colorado River flows at the bottom of the canyon. Tourists can arrange rafting on the river on rafts. This site is included in the UNESCO list and it can be safely included in the list of the most beautiful places in the world.

Any sights of the USA amaze with their beauty and grandeur. The Grand Canyon is no exception. For many people, it is a symbol of westerns, the eternal confrontation between Indians and Americans. The fauna and flora here are quite diverse due to climate change at different heights of the canyon. Here you can find many species of mammals (squirrels, deer), as well as rodents and bats. The flora consists of pine, fir and spruce.

Tourists prefer the southern edge of the canyon, where there are observation decks and the most interesting hiking trails begin. And it’s easier to get here by car, unlike on the north side. Arriving here, you can spend hours exploring various gorges and small canyons.

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USA Attractions: what else to visit while in the USA

You should not deny yourself the pleasure of visiting as many interesting places as possible. Are you afraid to take the wrong bus or get on a lunch break at the museum? Then you need guides in the USA who can turn an ordinary excursion into an enchanting action and save you from a lot of organizational problems.

11. Miami Beach (Florida)

Достопримечательности США: Топ-35 лучших мест

Sandy beach of Miami Beach

A resort town with a telling name, the most visited in the country. The most popular excursions in Miami Beach take place in the historic center. There is a huge collection of diverse Art Deco architecture built in the period from the 20s to the 40s of the last century.

The length of the sandy beach is more than 11 kilometers, along which there are hotels and private houses. We’ve all seen postcards or stamps depicting Art Deco architecture or an image of an open convertible with a guy in sunglasses at the wheel. Here it all turns out to be a reality. White sand, warm water – what else do you need for happiness?

The cream of society gathers on a famous street called Ocean Drive. It is not uncommon to meet celebrities sunbathing on the beaches of Miami. After a hot day, take a walk along Hispaniola Way, where you will find many restaurants with European cuisine. There are also small cafes where you can have lunch and relax in a cozy atmosphere. Strangely enough, but in summer the resort has the lowest prices, but spring is the most expensive holiday period.

12. Hoover Dam (Nevada)

Достопримечательности США: Топ-35 лучших мест

High-rise construction of the Hoover Dam

The dam is one of the largest hydroelectric power plants in the United States. The height of the concrete structure is 221 meters.

The dam was built on the lower part of the Colorado River and is located in a canyon near the state of Nevada. Named after Herbert Hoover. If you have not yet decided what to visit in the USA, be sure to include this famous dam in the list of attractions.

When they began to build the largest dam in the United States, its architecture was simple and inconspicuous. When the project was completed, many were outraged by its inappropriate design. After that, I had to use the services of a talented architect. He designed the architecture of the entire building in the Art Deco style.

Previously, the dam connected Arizona to the Mexican border by a highway. This highway is quite dangerous: the serpentine includes sharp turns with zero visibility, and most importantly, landslides occur here. But in the middle of autumn 2010, a bridge was opened next to the dam, which improved conditions for automobile traffic.

Excursions are conducted daily on the territory of the dam. Every tourist who wants to know how the station works, how it works and much more can buy a ticket and walk around the dam in the company of a guide.

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13. Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming)

Достопримечательности США: Топ-35 лучших мест

Colorful spring in Yellowstone Park

This national park covers the territory of several states: Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. Geysers and thermal springs are the hallmark of Yellowstone Park. Tourists who find themselves in the park will be able to see the most beautiful local lakes, rivers and canyons. The lakes located in the vent of the Caldera supervolcano are famous attractions in the United States. The local flora and fauna is represented by several thousand species of plants, as well as many mammals, animals and birds.

From mid-summer to early autumn, the park can be reached by public transport (bus) from Bozeman or by your own car. Arriving at the place, the tourist begins a walking tour along the paved paths that go around all the attractions of the park. There are also nine museums here that are considered historical monuments. At least a few of them must be visited. Tired of a long hike, you can stay overnight at a local hotel, but it is better to reserve a place in it in advance.

Hunting is prohibited within the park, but fishing is allowed, but only after the purchase of a special license.

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14. Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco)

Достопримечательности США: Топ-35 лучших мест

The majestic giant Golden Gate

The Golden Gate is one of the most popular and recognizable landmarks in the United States. You will identify this bridge at a glance, even if you have never been here before. Therefore, when asked what to see in the USA, you can safely suggest going to the famous bridge.

A suspension bridge with a length of just over 2500 meters connects the famous San Francisco with Marin County. Uninterrupted communication makes it easy to get from the county to the city. This hulk weighs almost a million tons. Once in San Francisco, be sure to visit this real work of art to take some memorable photos against the background of the bridge and feel the “contact” with this majestic giant.

The Golden Gate is the only automobile route from San Francisco. Accidents are extremely rare (no more than once a year). Traveling by private car, you will have to pay $ 6 to cross the bridge to the south (free of charge in the north direction). Public transport and pedestrians move free of charge in any direction.

The bridge has also become infamous due to the frequency of suicides on it. A fatal suicide occurs on the bridge every 14 days.

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15. Mount Rushmore (South Dakota)

Достопримечательности США: Топ-35 лучших мест

The history of the state, carved in stone

Rushmore is the most famous mountain in the USA. It is known for the fact that the faces of four presidents of the state are carved in its granite:

    Washington is the ruler who led the United States to democracy; Jefferson is the author of the Declaration of Independence; Roosevelt is the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize; Lincoln is known for eliminating slavery under his rule.

For Americans, this is a monument dedicated to the foundations of their state. The famous landmark is located on the territory of South Dakota, the images are carved on a rock that is part of the Black Hills Mountains.

Mount Rushmore is familiar even to a child from anywhere in the world. Therefore, when choosing what to visit in the USA, you need to send it here. The mountain got its name in honor of millionaire Charles Rushmore – he was the first to make a donation to create stone statues.

The mountain is located on the territory of the national park, which has a sports climbing center. At the foot of the mountain there are several museums dedicated to the construction of the memorial, as well as an alley of flags of various states of the state. The lands on which the tourist complex is located previously belonged to the Lakota Indians. A special museum will tell tourists about their everyday life and habits.

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16. The Hollywood Sign (Los Angeles)

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The famous memorial sign on the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles

Perhaps even those who have never been to the United States have at least once seen the main attraction of Hollywood — its sign, located on the Hollywood Hills at an altitude of 490 meters. It was created almost a century ago, when the surrounding area was still an uninhabited area. With the beginning of active construction in this area, the demand for land began to grow, so the purpose of creating the legendary inscription was advertising, attracting potential buyers to purchase suburban land plots. Initially, the sign was supposed to stand in this place for only 1.5 years, but due to the increased popularity it remained, and moreover, it was restored several times over the decades. And in 1978, the dilapidated 15-meter letters, consisting of wood and metal sheets, were completely replaced with the same new ones, but made of high-quality Australian steel.

Official website: https://hollywoodsign

17. Manhattan (New York City)

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View of the skyscrapers of Lower Manhattan in New York

The tallest buildings, the most important commercial and financial institutions, the main attractions of New York – all this is concentrated in the smallest, but at the same time the most popular tourist area of the metropolis. Undoubtedly, the most prominent landmark of Manhattan are skyscrapers, dense rows of which here create a kind of canyons — sunlight almost never gets on local streets. Mass construction of high—rise buildings started at the end of the 19th century — this was facilitated by the geology of local lands, because at a depth of about 20 meters there are rocks – the most powerful natural foundation in the world. Among other attractive places in the quarter, it is worth highlighting Times Square with dozens of theaters, a large Central Park, the Museum Mile with interesting exhibits, the Gothic St. Patrick’s Cathedral with its 100-meter spires, the financial center of Wall Street.

18. Bellagio Fountains (Las Vegas)

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Fountains with lighting effects and musical accompaniment at the Bellagio Hotel Brocken Inaglory

In search of what to see in the western United States, the first thing you should do is go to the world capital of gambling entertainment, a fairly young but incredibly popular holiday city – Las Vegas. In addition to countless casinos, hotels, and entertainment complexes, it is worth paying attention to a magnificent, spectacular creation — the dancing fountains of Bellagio, which make a particularly strong impression on those who visit this place for the first time. Every day at dusk, the fountain complex gives an unforgettable performance to everyone who is on the shore of a large artificial lake at this time. The music begins, the backlight turns on, and under the mesmerizing singing of modern and retro performers, countless jets of the fountain soar skyward, intricately intertwine, change shape and direction, performing an extraordinary dance.

Official website: https://bellagio .

19. Museum Mile (New York City)

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art on the Museum Mile in New York City Arad

The most “cultural” part of the famous Manhattan district is the Museum Mile, which has become the location of a myriad of art and historical collections. This 2-kilometer-long block accommodates a dozen museums, each of which presents the most valuable expositions of various subjects. For example, here you can see Impressionist collections, collections of medieval and modern art, hundreds of creative designer creations, collections of stage costumes and antique dresses, exhibits of Jewish art and culture, objects of Austrian and German creativity, and much, much more. Every year in June, a cultural festival is held on the Museum Mile, and the lucky ones who get to this street on the second Tuesday of any month can visit all the museums of the complex absolutely free of charge.

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20. Willis Tower (Chicago)

Достопримечательности США: Топ-35 лучших мест

Willis Tower at night in Chicago from the corner of Adams and Wells by Daniel Schwen

Choosing what to see in the USA in winter, when nature is sinking into sleep and does not please with bright colors, you can stop at studying interesting structures in American megacities — especially since there are plenty of similar objects in America. For example, Chicago is home to one of the most recognizable structures, which for 25 years has held the status of the tallest skyscraper — the Willis Tower, a prominent symbol of the city. The construction of the building began in the 70s of the last century, when the developers of one of the business districts of Chicago bought an area of 5,000 square meters, deciding to build a large business center. The 443—meter-high skyscraper is the pride of the city’s residents and an interesting object for tourists: inside you can climb to the observation deck at the 103-floor level with protruding glass balconies – visiting them causes the most genuine emotions.

Official website: https://www.willistower

21. Washington Monument (Washington)

Достопримечательности США: Топ-35 лучших мест

Granite 169-meter obelisk (Washington Monument) in the National Mall National Park

The first American president, George Washington, is one of the most important political figures in the United States and just a legendary figure who occupies an honorable place in the history of the country, so the famous Washington Monument in the heart of the American capital was dedicated to him. The monument is a straight four-sided column tapering upwards, and its top is crowned by a four-sided pyramid. On the ground, the monument is surrounded by 50 flags symbolizing 50 American states. Marble was used as the building material for the monument, granite and metal were used in smaller quantities. It is noteworthy that inside the structure there is a staircase leading to the observation deck, and this staircase is based on 193 commemorative stones brought from all states, as well as from some other countries.

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22. Brighton Beach (New York City)

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Numerous shops and offices on Brighton Beach in New York Multiplicitous

On a foreign land, many thousands of kilometers from home, meetings with fellow countrymen become truly priceless. The Brighton Beach area is the very place where you can meet “your own” people who speak Russian. Russian Russian is a kind of Russian world, where the number of compatriots exceeds the number of local residents, and there are many Russian cafes, restaurants, shops on the streets of the quarter, where everyone speaks our native language. The fact is that the largest Russian-speaking community is organized here, consisting mainly of immigrants from the post-Soviet space. Since the 70s of the last century, tens of thousands of emigrants began to arrive here, and in the early 90s, with the fall of the Iron Curtain, a new, more powerful wave of immigration swept in. It was immigrants from the former Soviet republics who gave this place its unique flavor.

23. Times Square (New York City)

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Times Square is a square in the central part of Manhattan in New York City

In the center of Manhattan there is a bright, spectacular square — Times Square, full of advertising banners, huge screens and billboards. This square is a symbol, an unusually lively place where festivals, concerts and important holidays are held – for example, at least a million people gather here on New Year’s Eve, and about 300 thousand fans of bright lights, skyscrapers and city noise visit the square every day. For many tourists, Times Square is a must-see point in New York, which is attractive not only for its appearance, but also for a large number of theaters, restaurants, cinemas, TV studios, Broadway shows, as well as recognizable skyscrapers at the northern and southern ends of the square.

Official website: https://www.timess

24. The Lincoln Memorial (Washington)

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A picturesque pond and the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall in downtown Washington at night

Достопримечательности США: Топ-35 лучших мест

The statue of Lincoln inside the memorial complex on the National Mall

The Lincoln Memorial, one of the key attractions of the capital, is located on Washington’s National Mall. The snow-white marble monument is dedicated to the 16th President Abraham Lincoln, who eliminated the slave system and became a national hero. This building is a source of pride for the people of America for their country, reminding them of the freedom they once gained. Today, the memorial attracts the attention of visitors not only due to the history of the person in whose honor it was erected, but also by the unusual nature of its architecture — it resembles a Greek temple with monumental marble columns located around the perimeter of the structure. There are 36 such columns in total, and this number corresponds to the number of states that were part of the state during the time of Lincoln. In the very center of the memorial, a 6-meter marble statue of the president sits on a hill.

Official website: https://www.nps

25. Brooklyn Bridge (New York City)

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Panoramic view of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyscrapers in New York

To see the best sights of the USA, it is enough to come to New York and stay there for a few days – the richest accumulation of interesting monuments and iconic places will allow you to spend a rich and informative vacation even within the framework of a small trip. Thus, the Brooklyn Bridge, a connecting highway between the most popular areas of New York, Manhattan and Brooklyn, has become a classic in the field of tourism. The idea to build a suspension bridge belonged to architect John Roebling. But the construction turned into a tragedy for him — participating in the construction of the bridge, he received blood poisoning and died soon after. Some time later, the architect’s son, who replaced him, also died by a fatal coincidence. But still, after 13 years of construction, the city received the world’s longest suspension bridge – a unique Gothic masterpiece that has become a national symbol of the United States.

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26. Monument Valley (Arizona)

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Sunrise over Monument Valley in northeast Arizona

Достопримечательности США: Топ-35 лучших мест

Red sandstone cliffs on the territory of Monument Valley Park, owned by the Navajo tribe

Interesting natural and cultural monuments of the USA — historical buildings, national parks, unique natural formations — are concentrated in the state of Arizona. An unusual geological monument, Monument Valley in the northeast of the state, deserves a separate point in the journey to these lands. This is a land of amazing sandstone cliffs, whose height reaches 300 meters. Hundreds of millions of years ago, there was a sea on the site of the desert plain where these rocks rise. Silt settled on its bottom for many millennia, compressing sand and forming porous sandstone, which in turn turned into shale. Later, the layer of the earth’s crust rose strongly, and the sea disappeared, and in its place a huge sandstone plateau was formed. Under the influence of water and wind, the plateau was eroded, and nowadays only the most durable rocky columns, or Monuments, remain of it.

27. Highway 66 (Chicago and Los Angeles)

Достопримечательности США: Топ-35 лучших мест

Highway 66 is a highway connecting Chicago with Los Angeles

Probably, everyone has heard about the mysterious highway called Route 66 at least once in their life. It is definitely worth getting to know this iconic highway when arriving in the United States of America for the first time. After all, this is one of the memorable symbols of the country, the “mother of roads”, a highway stretching for 4 thousand kilometers through 8 American states and connecting mighty Chicago with sunny and carefree Los Angeles. This is the first federal road, opened in 1926, which was supposed to become an important transport artery. Setting off along the legendary winding route of Highway 66, you can cover a number of the most unique treasures of the country — these are the breathtaking landscapes of the Grand Canyon, beautiful views of the greatest Mississippi River, colorful hills of the Colored Desert, and a number of ancient museums, deserted ghost towns, roadside eateries and unusual retro gas stations.

Official website: https://www.illinoisroute66

28. New York Central Station (New York City)

Достопримечательности США: Топ-35 лучших мест

The main hall of the Central Station in New York

The collection of symbols of the United States is complemented by a legendary building, in the walls of which the past and the present meet. This is one of the most recognizable buildings in New York – the world’s largest train station, where a number of films were shot. And at the time of construction, at the end of the 19th century, the Grand Central building was also the tallest in the Manhattan quarter. The main architectural highlight of this building is that the trains depart directly on its lower floor, without interfering with the contemplation of the magnificent interiors. By the way, the interior itself is admired for its size and design: the infinitely high sky-emerald ceiling is decorated with inlays in the form of constellations, and in the very center of the hall stands a clock whose dial is made of beautiful natural opal stone, so the cost of these watches is estimated at millions of dollars. Grand Central Station in New York is undoubtedly an iconic place worth visiting.

Official website: https://www.grandcentral

29. Disney World in Orlando (Florida)

Достопримечательности США: Топ-35 лучших мест

Castle in the “Magic Kingdom” at Disney World Raul654

The world’s largest amusement park is located in the USA, in the state of Florida. The area of Disney World is more than 100 square kilometers, and the attendance exceeds 52 million people per year! In fact, this is not even a park, but a whole city of fairy tales and magic, which includes four amusement parks and two magnificent water parks, as well as a number of hotels, recreation areas, shops, cafes, restaurants, and even golf courses. Each part of this town is interesting and peculiar in its own way, themed decorations and incredible attractions all year round create an atmosphere of celebration and fun. This park was the second of the major entertainment complexes in America created by Walt Disney Productions, headed by Walt Disney. There is a misconception that all Disney attractions created in different parts of the world are the same. In fact, it was Disney World in Florida that collected all the main themed entertainment, while the rest of the parks only copy some of these attractions.

Official website: https://disneyworld .

30. Solomon Guggenheim Museum (New York City)

Достопримечательности США: Топ-35 лучших мест

The facade of the Solomon Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan in New York Jean-Christophe BENOIST

Among the New York jungle of skyscrapers, along with an abundance of symbolic monuments, the cultural attractions of the United States also find their place. The Guggenheim Museum is an outstanding architectural creation in the heart of Manhattan, outwardly resembling an inverted pyramidal tower, the unusual silhouette of which is recognizable from afar. Inside the building, along its walls and through the exhibition spaces, a spiral ramp leads, creating an excellent viewing angle of the entire interior space. The works of art that are exhibited here are known all over the world — paintings by famous expressionists and surrealists, sculptural creations of avant-gardists are presented here. Many exhibitions are constantly changing — in order to know exactly what will be presented on one day or another, just go to the official website of the museum.

Official website: https://www.guggenheim

31. Moving stones in the Valley of Death (fr. Raystrak-Playa)

Достопримечательности США: Топ-35 лучших мест

Moving rocks on the dried-up Raystreak Playa Lake in Death Valley in the USA

One of the driest places in the United States is Death Valley, located in California and partly in Nevada, at the bottom of the dried-up Raistreck Playa Lake. By the way, the lake is occasionally and partially filled with water from rare downpours, but the sun and winds quickly dry it out, exposing the stones randomly scattered at the bottom over and over again. An amazing feature of these stones is that they spontaneously change their position from time to time, moving over cracked soil and leaving behind characteristic traces. The mystery of such a natural phenomenon has not been solved to this day — assumptions have been put forward since the 19th century, and among the versions there were a variety of different ones, from the action of evil spirits to small earthquakes, although high seismic activity was not recorded in this area. Only one fact has been practically proven — it has been noticed that in winter the stones show special “activity”.

32. Mount McKinley (Alaska)

Достопримечательности США: Топ-35 лучших мест

View of Mount McKinley from Denali National Park

Against the backdrop of the mountains of the Alaska Range, located on the territory of Denali National Park, McKinley Peak rushes into the sky – the highest mountain in North America, with a height of about 6,200 meters. The climate on this mountain is especially harsh — for example, the lowest air temperature on the planet was recorded at its peak, -83 degrees Celsius. Brave travelers from all over the world dreamed of conquering this inaccessible peak — among the pioneers was James Cook, who, by the way, made two expeditions here, and only the second of them was crowned with success. Today, at the foot of McKinley, you can visit a beautiful natural park – an island of wild and untouched nature with mirrored lakes, high mountain ranges, snow—capped peaks. There are even special places for camping and observation decks with a dizzying view.

33. Empire State Building (New York City)

Достопримечательности США: Топ-35 лучших мест

A 103-storey Art Deco skyscraper.on Manhattan Island in New York City

Once in New York, it is impossible not to visit another of the most famous attractions of the metropolis. It is the tallest skyscraper in New York, the third tallest in the United States. The construction of this famous building started back in 1930, and almost 3.5 thousand people were involved in this process, most of whom were emigrants. The construction process was completed in record time — only 1 year and 45 days, and in the spring of 1931, a giant building with a height of 443.2 meters along with a spire was already on display in Manhattan. Today, on the 86th and 102th floors of the high-rise, you can visit two spacious observation decks, while the advantage of the lower one is a full 360-degree panorama view.

Official website: https://www.esbnyc

34. Blue Ridge Highway (Virginia and North Carolina)

Достопримечательности США: Топ-35 лучших мест

Colorful autumn landscape along the Blue Ridge Highway in the USA

One of the most beautiful tourist trails, world famous for its wonderful views, connects North Carolina and the state of Virginia and passes through the most picturesque natural places. The Blue Ridge Protected Parkway has a length of 755 kilometers, and a huge number of observation decks, as well as campgrounds, parking lots and other tourist amenities are equipped throughout its entire length. The construction of the highway lasted 52 years and was of great historical importance — thousands of unemployed people were able to find work and a source of income here. Due to the fact that the highway passes through the mountainous terrain of the Blue Ridge, the speed is limited to 70 km/h, and in some areas the restrictions are even stricter. A trip along the highway along with an overview of the surroundings can take from 1 to 3 days, and will certainly become the most memorable trip.

35. Alaska (North America)

Достопримечательности США: Топ-35 лучших мест

Natural landscape in the territory of the state of Alaska in the USA

In the north of the country is the American state of Alaska, which occupies the largest area, but has the lowest population density. The main value of Alaska is its unique northern nature, beautiful, wild and mysterious, with beautiful mountain landscapes, lakes, seascapes and pristine forests. The climate of Alaska is diverse and depends on latitude — permafrost reigns in the northern territories and snow lies in a thick, non-melting cap, while in the south a warmer and wetter climate prevails, with an abundance of precipitation and plus temperatures in summer. Alaska is also a lake district, with a predominance of beautiful bottomless lakes in northern latitudes. The peninsula is famous for its numerous nature reserves, where the wild pristine nature is carefully protected by the state.

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