Prices for secondary housing have stopped growing

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 Цены на вторичное жилье перестали расти

In St. Petersburg, prices for secondary housing in May remained the same as in April – 214.7 thousand rubles per square meter, calculated in the “Floors”.

In the Leningrad Region, it increased slightly in May and amounted to 143.7 thousand rubles per square meter, which is 0.2 percent more than in April.

According to experts, the stagnation of prices in the secondary real estate market is associated with a decrease in buyer activity. That’s why up to a third of the “secondary” apartments are now being sold at a discount. Its average monthly size increased to 5 percent.

Analysts believe that in the next two months, Russian buyers will focus on purchasing housing in new buildings in order to fall under the terms of preferential programs. Accordingly, the secondary may become cheaper.


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