Tourists were forced to stay in the UAE for two days

Туристы вынужденно застряли в ОАЭ на двое суток

Flydubai flight FZ 954, which was supposed to depart from Mineralnye Vody at 03:50 on March 8, finally arrived in Dubai (UAE). The delay was exactly two days. 

Tourists vacationing in the Emirates had to stay at the resorts waiting for the return flight. For the clients of travel companies, everything has more or less worked out. As he told the portal Aleksan Mkrtchyan, founder of the Pink Elephant travel agency network, which is active in the southern regions of Russia, has not yet received complaints about tour operators. Tour operator companies that have blocks of seats on flydubai flights from Minsk to Dubai have extended tourists’ stay in Emirates hotels. Of course, someone had to return to their homeland at the time agreed in the tour and now they will have to explain themselves at work, but at least people did not have to pay for additional days in hotels.

But independent travelers were not lucky in a big way. 

If an expensive hotel is booked, it is doubtful that the carrier will pay for an extra two days in it due to flight delays. At best, they will offer a budget hotel near the airport. It is problematic for Russian citizens to sue foreign airlines, the Russian court will not accept a claim against a foreign legal entity, it can only be filed in the UAE. 

Those who have independently booked hotels in the UAE and will arrive at them later due to a malfunction in the airline’s schedule will also have to directly negotiate with the hotels for a refund of part of the cost of accommodation. It is not obvious that this will succeed. Organized tourists, due to the shortening of the duration of the tour through no fault of their own, can apply for compensation to tour operators.

Earlier we wrote about a major delay in the flight from Volgograd to Egypt. On March 8, tourists flew to the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh half a day later than the schedule.


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