A series of tragic deaths of tourists at the popular resort forced the authorities to issue a warning

Warning sign at popular resort following series of tragic deaths prompts authorities to issue safety alert.

Череда трагических смертей туристов на популярном курорте вынудила власти выпустить предупреждение

A series of tragic deaths of tourists at the popular resort forced the authorities to issue a warning to tourists — so that they take care of themselves and do not overestimate their strength. All this happened on the popular Greek island of Crete — four tourists died one after another, the European press writes.

Among them is a 67—year-old Dutch tourist who died while crossing the Milon Gorge on the island, another 80-year-old tourist was found dead near an archaeological site near Malia, and a 70-year-old Frenchman became ill on a deserted beach between Kouremenos and Zakros in Sitia on Crete. But the public was most concerned after two tragedies — Michael Mosley, a well-known medical expert and television specialist in the English-speaking world who worked for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, died on Agia Marina Beach. The search for Albert Kalibet, a 59-year-old resident of California, who went on a four-day hike, but never returned, also continues..

Dimitris Kalatsis, who heads the rescue team that found the missing Dutch tourist, urged tourists to be attentive to the heat and their health. According to him, rescue operations were often complicated because tourists, often unaware of the risks, “lost their way” to see the sights and then got lost. In addition, tourists ignore basic safety rules: “We saw a couple of foreigners walking along the trail in 41C without hats. You can’t just do that,” he said.

Also, the following tips are given in the warning: when the temperature reaches 40 degrees and even approaches them, it is better not to go on independent excursions, and especially to deserted places. At the peak of solar activity, it is advisable not to be outside during the day at all — siesta in hot countries was not invented by chance. Also, during the heat, it is necessary to wear a headdress and light light clothes made of natural fabrics, and tourists are advised to always carry a bottle of water and use sunscreen.

By the way, tourists are not only in danger in Crete. In Athens, for example, they began to close the Acropolis again due to the heat (read here). True, the number of Russian tourists in Crete and Greece in general is unlikely to be large this year — but dangers lie in wait for them at outdoor resorts. For example, in Sharm el-Sheikh, temperatures under forty are also expected and tourists are given advice — read more here. It is also hot in Antalya — there they even threaten that the temperature will “go through the roof” for everything + 45 (read here). Well, India became the sad record holder — there the heat victims’ bill went to hundreds — read more in this article.


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