Tourist flow from Russia to Istanbul decreased by 8.5%

Aerial view of Istanbul skyline with the Bosphorus strait cutting through the city, showing the iconic landmarks like Hagia Sophia.

In the first quarter of 2024, the Russian tourist flow from Russia’s exports to Istanbul decreased by 8.5% compared to the same period in 2023.


Турпоток из РФ в Стамбул сократился на 8,5%


During the period from January to March, Istanbul received 3,766,718 foreign tourists, which accounted for 53.5% of the total foreign tourist flow to Turkey during this period. This figure is 8.2% more than the result for the first quarter of 2023 (3,480,630 tourists). This is reported by ATOR with reference to Istanbul Department of Culture and Tourism.

453,940 tourists were registered from Russia (8.5% less compared to the first three months of 2023). Nevertheless, Russia is still the leader in terms of the total number of arrivals to Istanbul in the first quarter of 2024, as well as the whole of 2023.

In January 2024, 151,435 tourists from Russia (16.8% less than January 2023), in February — 138,957 (7.3% less than February of the previous year), in March — 163,548 (0.4% less than March 2023).

ATOR experts believe that the reduction in the number of tourists from Rather, it indicates a decrease in interest in Istanbul as a transit hub during the winter months.

The TOP 5 countries by arrivals to Istanbul in the first quarter of 2024 also included Germany with 286,519 tourists (+16.5% compared to the first three months of 2023), Iran – 264,137 (+20%), the United Kingdom — 158,628 (+29.4%), the United States — 142,144 (+12.15%).

If we talk about March, Russia also took the leading position in terms of tourist flow to Istanbul — 163,548 tourists (-0.4%), followed by Iran — 121,194 (+24%), Germany — 115,563 (+28.25%), Great Britain — 57,097 (+30.65%) and the USA — 55,940 (+6.3%).



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