They fly like hot cakes: 7 tips for buying train tickets to Crimea

Разлетаются как горячие пирожки: 7 советов по покупке билетов на поезд в Крым

You don’t need to be Nostradamus to understand: this summer, Krasnodar Territory and Crimea must again withstand the pressure of hundreds of thousands of vacationers. This means that there will be people sunbathing standing up again, queues at shops and toilets, crowds on observation decks and embankments, overbooking at hotels and airlines… But the first of all the problems that Russians will face is the lack of seats on trains and planes. The airports of Simferopol, Gelendzhik, Anapa and Krasnodar are not working, so the railways will have to take them out (in every sense) again.

The carrier is already recording a high demand for tickets to the resorts of the Republic of Crimea. And he gives some tips on what to do if you can’t buy them. We share these recommendations with you. We can’t promise that life hacks will definitely work, but it’s better to minimize the risk of not traveling.


First, it is worth remembering that trains to Crimea are served not by the FPC, but by the Grand Service Express company. Therefore, it is necessary to search for tickets not in the usual application, but on the website of this carrier.


The depth of sales has been increased to three months this year. That is, most of the lower seats have already been sold by mid-July. Tickets must appear on the website at exactly 8:00 a.m. 90 days before the train departs from the desired station. But keep in mind that hundreds of people are “watching” them at the same time with you: you will have to do everything very quickly. The following points are about this.


If you want to enjoy the road to Simferopol on the lower shelf, register in advance on the carrier’s website. Add the details of all passengers to your account so that you can simply select them at the time of purchase without entering your full name and passport numbers.


Decide on the route in advance. Otherwise, tickets will be snapped up while you figure out which train is more convenient, Dzhankoy or Sevastopol.


If errors occur, change your browser or device.


Try to pay using the SBP, the money passes faster, and if you decide to return the ticket, it will immediately be credited back to your account.


Consider all transfer options. It is a little easier to leave Rostov-on-Don, Adler (Sochi), Volgograd and Mineralnye Vody for Crimea. Study the train routes, see which station is more convenient to get to, what time the train you need stops there, how long it will take to travel between stations or from the airport.

By the way, it is now possible to fly to Volgograd, Sochi or Minvody from many major Russian cities, at least from Moscow and St. Petersburg flights are operated every day. The “plane + train” bundle will be more expensive, but you will get there faster and you do not need to buy food for two or three days on the road if the departure point is, for example, in the Urals or Siberia.

And while you are going to the sea, study our electronic guide to the Crimea.

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