There are more double-decker wagons on the railways that are not loved by tourists

Two-story passenger train carriages for non-kissing tourists, on railroad tracks, over 35ft long

Нелюбимых туристами двухэтажных вагонов на железных дорогах стало больше

Tourists were hinted at why the number of trains to the south is not enough for everyone – the fleet of cars of the Federal Passenger Company increased by only 258 units over the year. This conclusion can be drawn from the carrier’s report for 2023. He currently has 16,349 units at his disposal. At the same time, the company bought 531 pieces during this period, but half of them went on line to replace the old ones.

Most of them are compartments – there are 7.4 thousand of them. There are slightly fewer reserved seats – 6.8 thousand. At the same time, the average age of the wagons is 17.4 years. Those with sidewalls are, on average, slightly younger.

The fleet of double-decker wagons is growing the fastest. Now the carrier owns 902 pieces. There were a hundred more of them in a year. At the same time, FPC carries 12% of passengers on them. They operate on 22 routes.

Interestingly, last year the carrier did not buy two–storey buildings of the newest model “2020” with a shower, wireless charging and an increased size of the second floor – its roof profile is made slightly differently, which gives the passenger more space. These models are featured in brochures and exhibitions  But the new hundred that has joined the fleet belongs to the previous generation of rolling stock.

The company noted that currently 90.7% of the car fleet is equipped with air conditioners, and about 83.8% of the fleet are equipped with environmentally friendly toilets.

Earlier He wrote that Russian Railways was removing double–decker wagons from the Moscow -Petersburg route in order to send them south.


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