The four-legged passenger forgot to board the flight, and then lost it at the airport

Четвероного пассажира забыли посадить на рейс, а затем потеряли его на аэродроме

A dog and its owner spent two days in nervous tension, who were separated by the negligence of employees at Raleigh-Durham International Airport in North Carolina. As the New York Post reported, the cage with the four-legged passenger did not get on board the plane on which his mistress flew away.

The story began on the evening of March 26, when a woman and her pet named Moose were planning to fly to Seattle on an Alaska Airlines flight. The young dog fully corresponded to his name Moose and did not get into the cabin – he had to get a place in the luggage compartment.

The first alarm was sounded by the owner, who did not see her furry friend upon arrival. When she asked for clarification, it turned out that due to some mistake, they simply forgot to load him on the flight. The airline promised to deliver the lost one the next day. However, the unexpected happened: the dog was actually lost. Before boarding, they decided to take him for a walk, and when he returned to the cage, he broke out and ran away.

The air company’s personnel, security and fire and rescue service were involved in the search. The animal was seen on the steering track, then in other places, but they could not catch it. Worried about the long search, the owner flew back to find her pet. “I was just heartbroken,” she told the press.

In the end, someone suggested luring a timid puppy with pieces of steak, which brought the result. After 2 days, the owner and the dog finally met and flew to Seattle. According to the media, the airline paid for the forced flights of the tourist.

Earlier, TurDom wrote that a tourist who arrived in St. Petersburg on a Turkish Airlines night flight did not receive her pet Bravo – the dog ran away from a cage that was broken during unloading. The dog, terrified after the flight, was found an hour and a half later in one of the corners of the airfield, from where the owner took it.


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