The best sights of Bar (Montenegro)

Лучшие достопримечательности Бара (Черногория)

Bar is a city in Montenegro, located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. It attracts with its natural beauty, good conditions for recreation, and numerous attractions. It is the latter that should be given special attention, they will be able to tell interesting facts from the history of the area, culture and way of life of the people.

Лучшие достопримечательности Бара (Черногория)

The city of Bar in Montenegro Alexandra Zakharova

Let’s look at the main sights of the city of Bar in Montenegro. Let’s start our acquaintance with the aqueduct. If you translate the name from Latin, it means a conduit through which water is supplied to settlements. Considering a more narrowed meaning, we should talk about the element of the conduit, which is a bridge located above the river and ravine. The facility was built in the 17th century. It includes 17 large pillars supporting the same number of arches. Special ceramic pipes with a diameter of about 12 cm are laid above the pillars. Stone was used for the construction, so from a distance it seems as if this is an ordinary bridge. Previously, the aqueduct was used for its intended purpose, today it has become a landmark of the city of Bar in Montenegro.

Лучшие достопримечательности Бара (Черногория)

Aqueduct in the Old town of Bar. Montenegro Dudva

The next object is a large olive tree. It is considered the oldest in Europe, according to some sources, there are no trees older than it in the whole world. Olive is ranked among the most common variety on the Adriatic coast “zhutitsa”, it is more than 2000 years old. The diameter of the crown is 10 m. The trunk looks like a dome. Today, the tree does not bear fruit, but young trees growing nearby bear fruit. Oliva appeared on the map of Bar attractions in Montenegro in 1957. Then the municipality of the city officially assumed responsibilities for its protection. A memorial complex was erected around the tree. Olive is also appreciated because the Bar has long been famous for olive oil, it has been produced since 1927.

Лучшие достопримечательности Бара (Черногория)

2000-year-old European olive tree, Bar city, Montenegro Kokan

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The Church of St. Jovan. It is a large religious building. It was consecrated in honor of John Vladimir. He was the first Serbian ruler of Montenegro. The church is quite young, because work on its construction began a little more than 20 years ago. According to the project, the building area should be approximately 1 km2, and the height should be 40 m. The territory is intended for worship, spiritual and cultural events. The latter are planned to be held in a small amphitheater near the main facility. Funds for construction work were collected by caring people. Other States also made certain investments.

Лучшие достопримечательности Бара (Черногория)

The Church of St. John Vladimir in Bar, in Montenegro Alex Alishevskikh

The Clock Tower is one of the most important attractions of the old Bar in Montenegro. It was built in 1753. There are clocks on all four sides. The object has a high historical value, but over time it began to deteriorate. In order to preserve the monument, in 1984 it underwent a large-scale reconstruction, restoring its perfect appearance. Now the clock is illuminated at night.

Ancient sights of the city of Bar

In ancient times, the city was in the possession of the Turks, and in the process of liberation it was almost destroyed. This is due to the explosion of warehouses containing powder barrels. Large-scale damage affected almost the entire territory. But, some ancient monuments managed to survive. One of them is the Omerbashic Mosque. It was built by the Turks in the second half of the 17th century. The structure itself is not difficult in architectural terms. Structurally, it is made in a simple version. But the main factor is the historical significance, due to which the mosque is included in many excursion programs. Here you can also see the tomb of Dervish Hassan, the construction of which also took place in the 17th century. Later it was completed and updated, but it has retained its basic appearance to this day. Stone walls are placed around the entire complex, providing it with reliable protection.

Лучшие достопримечательности Бара (Черногория)

Palace of the Montenegrin ruler King Nikola I in the Damjan Damjanovic Bar

Toplitsa Palace complex. It was built at the end of the 19th century as the residence of the son-in-law of the Montenegrin tsar Nikola I. This is a luxurious building, decorated in the style of those times. To this day, it has preserved its extraordinary beauty and attractiveness, and guests of the city do not miss the opportunity to look at it. The architectural ensemble consists of:

    The Grand and Small Palaces; the winter garden; the botanical garden.

There is a beautiful park nearby, and the city beach is located near it. Today, numerous galleries and a museum are located in the premises of the palace complex. Historical expositions do not leave visitors indifferent.

Лучшие достопримечательности Бара (Черногория)

The place of St. George’s Cathedral in the Roman Kurnosenko Bar

The Cathedral of St. George. It was built in the 13th century. Before that, there was an older church on the site, which existed here in the 9th-12th centuries. At the time of its operation, the cathedral was of great importance. It was a very beautiful architectural work, and hosted numerous divine services. But, as you know, the territory of the Bar was temporarily in the possession of the Turks, and was often subjected to military operations. As a result, almost all buildings were destroyed, and the cathedral was no exception. Only his remains of historical value have been preserved.

Лучшие достопримечательности Бара (Черногория)

Ruins of the Church of St. Catherine Roman Kurnosenko

Continuing to talk about what to see in a Bar in Montenegro and what sights not to lose sight of, let’s stop at the Church of St. Catherine. Its construction took place in the 15th century, now there are only ruins on the site of the church. The remaining remains of the building are protected as a monument of history and religion. The building was built of polished stone, and it used to have a rich appearance. Only the interior decoration was worth it: frescoes, icons, paintings.

Лучшие достопримечательности Бара (Черногория)

Old Town Bar in Montenegro Alex Alishevskikh

The Old Bar is an ancient part of the city, considered an open–air museum. Its foundation dates back to the 11th century, respectively, we can talk about the value of the preserved mementos. Only ruins have survived to this day, but these are the remains of more than 240 objects. Each of them has its own unique story, which the guide will be happy to tell to the guests of the city.

If you look at the sights of the city of Bar in Montenegro on the map, you can see how rich it is. There is a lot to see and where to go. The main thing is to make an excursion program that will help you navigate among the many objects, determine a travel plan.

Лучшие достопримечательности Бара (Черногория)

Ruins of the Old Town of Bar in Montenegro Alex Alishevskikh

To make the tour of the area more informative and interesting, you can do it as part of one of the tour groups. The advantage of this solution is that they are accompanied by experienced guides in the Bar who know the detailed description of each inspected object. If you travel on your own, you should use a special travel guide. Here you can spend as much time exploring the sights as it takes.

Sights of the city of Bar on the coast

Here we will put the Royal Beach in the first place. It is so called because at one time it was a favorite vacation spot for royals. A colorful piece of the coast is located in a very attractive location near the village of Chan. It is surrounded by steep cliffs, covered with golden sand, characterized by convenient entry into the water, allows you to organize a high-quality, comfortable rest.

Лучшие достопримечательности Бара (Черногория)

The main city beach in the center of Bar in Montenegro Damjan Damjanovic

You can get to the Royal beach from the sea. A sea taxi runs here with enviable frequency, which will take everyone to their destination for just 10 euros, providing the expected comfort. There is information that an earth road to the area will soon appear.

Лучшие достопримечательности Бара (Черногория)

One of the streets of the city of Bar in Montenegro Alexandra Zakharova

The local port is the pride of the Montenegrin town. It does not have a long history filled with amazing facts, but it allows you to get a lot of positive emotions. Just take the time to admire the beautiful yachts, sailboats, and huge ferries moored at the pier. Each vessel is unique in design and appearance.

The embankment is a great place to organize a walk. It has everything you need to organize a quality holiday: beautiful landscapes, cafes and restaurants, recreation areas.


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