Social media reacted to the proposal to double the number of tourists in Sochi

People in Sochi reacting to proposal to double tourist numbers. Sunny day, beach backdrop, group discussing excitedly.

В соцсетях отреагировали на предложение удвоить количество туристов в Сочи

In social networks, they reacted to the proposal of the deputy head of the Sochi Mayor’s Office, Svetlana Kalinina, to double the tourist flow to Sochi. It is assumed that by 2035 the resort will be able to accommodate up to 15 million people per year. Tourists are going to be attracted through the construction of new hotels and sanatoriums, solving transport problems and improving infrastructure. 2.6 trillion rubles will be spent on this. 

In a survey conducted on the telegram channel “Roof of the Tourist House”, 52% of respondents voted against attracting new tourists. 21% believe that this is possible if the infrastructure is improved, and 5% are sure that there is enough space at the resort for everyone. 

Opponents of the growth of the tourist flow recalled the problems existing in the city. In Sochi, even in winter, the roads are seriously congested. In summer, when vacationers arrive in their cars, long traffic jams appear on the highways. The burden on the medical sector is also increasing. Tourists who are poisoned or injured during their vacation turn to local doctors. “There are not enough hospitals and staff right now. And what will happen next?” the subscriber of the “Roof of the Tourist House” asks. 

Russians complain about the poor quality of service at the resort and the lack of tickets. At the same time, the cost of tours, according to subscribers of our telegram channel, does not correspond to the quality of service. “This year, many people at my company refused to go on vacation with their family, because there is no such money and this is not a vacation. I have been in Egypt for two years, and it is much cheaper and better than our south,” one of the readers of the Roof of the Tourist House shared. 

Tourism in Sochi can be developed not only in the beach format. The survey participants noted that it would not be possible to double the sea. They suggested attracting vacationers in the off-season. In the warm spring and autumn months, you can go hiking, and in November or March, uncomfortable for walking, you can play at the casino. 

New hotels can improve the rest in Sochi in the form familiar to most Russians, but there is no place for their construction. One of the subscribers of the “Roof of the Tourist House” offered to complete the mothballed facilities: “It’s more expensive, but the location and infrastructure will pay off in a few seasons.” 

In general, the readers of the telegram channel suggest doing the same thing that was proposed by the mayor’s office of the resort – to develop existing opportunities and solve problems. There is still enough time until 2035 for the authorities to cope with the lack of infrastructure. 

Earlier He wrote that charters from Bahrain were launched in Sochi for tourists from Arab countries. 


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