Russia is among the top ten countries in terms of travel expenses

Aerial view of Russia among top 10 countries for travel destination.

In 2023, Russia entered the TOP 10 countries in terms of travel expenses.


Россия вошла в десятку стран по тратам на путешествия


According to Interfax, citing data from the UN World Tourism Organization (UN Tourism), tourists from China ($196.5 billion) spend the most, followed by citizens of the United States ($150 billion) and Germany ($112 billion).

The top five also included the United Kingdom ($110 billion) and France ($49 billion). Canada, Italy, India, Russia and South Korea complete the top ten. It is clarified that Russia has risen from 11th to 9th place compared to 2022.

The most visited in 2023 were France (100 million international tourists), Spain (85 million), the USA (66 million), Italy (57 million), Turkey (55 million).

Revenues from international tourism in 2023 reached $1.5 trillion, which means an almost complete recovery to the level of pre-pandemic 2019.



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