“I envy the tourists…”

Raushania Minnullina is sure that everyone who comes to Tatarstan, lovers leave for its capital, original customs and famous cuisine.

«Я завидую туристам...»

The “Pro!” contest is over, but we promised to write about everyone who will send applications on the right dates. Even about those who went on vacation. Raushania Minnullina, a tour guide from Kazan, will no longer be able to claim the prizes of the competition, but is it really a matter of prizes?

Rauschania immediately charms with her melodious voice, correct speech, the ability to listen and adjust to the interlocutor. This is no wonder — a philologist by education, a specialist in the Tatar language and literature, an expert in history, she knows exactly how, what, when and why it is worth telling the guests of Tatarstan. Add to this a sincere love for your native land, and you will definitely want to see it through the eyes of Rauschania.

During the year, Raushania conducted more than two hundred excursions on the territory of the Kazan Kremlin, Ancient Bolgar, Sviyazhsk Island-city, as well as in the cities of Kazan, Yelabuga and others.

«Я завидую туристам...»

Non-standard classics

“Welcome to Tatarstan! Kazanga rahim itegez!” — this is how he begins his standard, as Raushania says, classic excursions.

Standard, but not very good. For example, tourists from Nizhny Novgorod are pleased to learn that their famous countryman Maxim Gorky lived in Kazan and wrote at the time: “Physically, I was born in Nizhny Novgorod, spiritually — in Kazan”. The rector of the Imperial Kazan University, mathematician Nikolai Lobachevsky, who taught there for 40 years, also comes from The bottom one.

Raushania is always preparing to receive guests: she finds out which city they are from and which of their famous citizens left their mark on the history of Tatarstan. Her excursions are not just facts, but vivid impressions and the full involvement of the guests of the republic in its history and way of life.

And during excursions, she does not necessarily adhere to clear logistics. “If we wanted to have tea, we’re going to have tea, we wanted to see some Tatar customs — we’re looking for a suitable bright event or just go to a real Tatar village,” she says.

«Я завидую туристам...»

Non-obvious sights and obvious interest

Raushania comes from a Tatar village, and she is happy to introduce her tourists to the real life of its current inhabitants. And this is not a “tourist Tatar settlement”, but a real village with its own customs and original way of life.

Of course, it is necessary to discuss and taste the famous Tatar cuisine. Raushania sometimes bakes famous triangles herself and treats tourists with them, which remains in memory for a long time: cordiality to guests and an unprovoked love for the traditions of her people.

Many tourists have become interested in the Tatar language, ask to translate phrases, names, are interested in national songs and works — and Raushania is happy to share her knowledge.

Two religions coexist in Tatarstan: Christianity and Islam. Raushania is a practicing Muslim and is happy to tell interested tourists about “Islam without difficulties.” She explains how she performs the rituals herself and that they do not interfere with her daily routine at all. It is important for her to show the whole spectrum of life in Tatarstan, which serves as a kind of bridge between the European and Asian parts of Russia. Perhaps that is why, seeing him through the eyes of a man in love with his homeland, the guests of the republic leave here satisfied not only with the knowledge they have gained, but also filled with vivid impressions.

«Я завидую туристам...»

Raushania loves working with parents with children 4, 5, 6, 7 years old. For young travelers, she comes up with games and stories, tells legends and fairy tales. And there is a funny and very cute case associated with one such “interactive game”.

How to find the treasures of Kaban Lake?

According to legend, the Khan’s treasury mysteriously disappeared during the siege of Kazan by Ivan the Terrible, has not been found to this day and is hidden at the bottom of Kaban Lake. This mystery haunts many generations of historians, archaeologists and treasure hunters.

When telling about this place, Rauschania involves the kids in the game so that they will not be bored listening to historical facts, and suggests that together with the kids “dive for treasures at night when the parents are asleep.” As a rule, everyone laughs, but they decide not to go anywhere at night.

One day, a little tourist was so imbued with the story that he could not fall asleep for a long time — he sat and waited for him to be able to “go look for treasure.” The kid denied all the assurances of his parents that the guide was joking, saying, “I need to go after the treasures.” They had to call Rauschania at night and ask her to calm the child down.

Turning on the imagination, our pro, in agreement with the baby’s mom and dad, came up with a story that right now “you can’t look for treasure, there are hurricanes now and it’s very dangerous,” but next time you can try.

Now, as Rauschania says, “I’m careful in my promises, but working with children is still my favorite.” She is happy when the guys get to know the country they live in. This contributes, among other things, to the education of patriotism in them.

The Oil Region and author’s tours for inclusive tourists

Raushania is a participant in the Masters of Hospitality competition. At the 2021 competition, she presented her author’s tours for inclusive tourists. Excursions for wheelchair users, the visually impaired and the blind require special training, special training and psychological fortitude.

With her project, she won the semi-finals and became a finalist in the competition. In addition, she became a mentor to students in the competition “Masters of Hospitality. Students” in the nomination “Affordable travel for special tourists”.

Raushania is the Ambassador of Hospitality of the Republic of Tatarstan, in 2022 she presented the route for industrial tourism “Oil Region” developed by her. As the pro notes, I really want to take the children of Tatarstan along it to show all the industrial power and natural resources of the republic. “When every child sees the museum at the tunnels and factories, he will be proud that he lives in such a rich region!” she says.

«Я завидую туристам...»

The past 2023 and the coming 2024: results, plans, prospects

For Rauschania, 2023 was a definite result of her 12 years of work as a tour guide. So many tourists came by word of mouth that she sometimes couldn’t pay attention and time to everyone. Perhaps that is why, in 2024, she planned to open her own travel company, which will not only take everyone under her wing, but also serve groups of schoolchildren, as well as implement her author’s route “The Oil Region”!

Since July 1, 2024, certification has become mandatory for all guides (guides) and translation guides. Raushania, like most of her colleagues from Kazan, took part in it, which she tells with her usual share of humor: “It was like in the famous blonde’s answer to the question: “What was the name of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin’s father?” — “Kolya”. We were afraid that we might get lost… We are all professionals and easily work with groups of 40-50 people, but it was exciting to answer to a commission of 13 people. But we did it. I like this approach, and I want tourists to be introduced to our region by real professionals who are constantly expanding their knowledge and raising the level of expertise.

«Я завидую туристам...»

“I envy the tourists…”

Raushania began her tour guide activity after she began simply showing the Kremlin and the streets of Kazan to her friends and acquaintances. Education and knowledge made it possible to complement a vivid picture with an interesting story. They often went with their loved ones to the Kremlin or to another interesting location in Tatarstan to celebrate the New Year. “I realized that I knew very little about my city and decided to study,— says Raushania. — And this process continues to this day: I constantly read, study, learn new facts, take exams every year, think about such a way of presenting information in order to make visiting guests fall in love with their city once and for all!”

“I envy my tourists, honestly,— Rauschania continues. — They come to Kazan and see such beauty! You should have seen their eyes — how they look at the mosque, at the architecture of the Kremlin… I always give them a look first, take a picture, and then, when they calm down a little, I start my story. And I understand that they are here and now starting to fall in love with Tatarstan. I really envy them at such a moment! And that inspires me a lot.”

«Я завидую туристам...»

Rauschania considers her most important advantage to be the ability to find an approach even to the most fastidious client, and the fact that many travel companies ask her to work with such tourists proves this once again.

“Welcome to Tatarstan! Kazanga rahim itegez!” says Raushania over and over again.


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