The Russian woman rested next to the Germans and was amazed by their bad manners

Россиянка отдохнула рядом с немцами и была поражена их невоспитанностью

A Russian woman, who crosses paths with German tourists on vacation in New Zealand and is amazed by their bad manners, called the Germans a “nation of ill-mannered people”. This is compounded by the Germans’ love of freebies, as well as booze and parties.

As the blogger stated on her Zen channel, German residents can afford a trip to New Zealand even for the weekend. But at the same time, thrifty burghers are willing to use the provided freebies — for example, free parking and camping sites.

“Sometimes there’s nowhere to get up because of the large number of cars, so they get up right on their heads, park so that you won’t leave in the morning. And they also do not respect the slightest personal space. They need to get up in a free place, and walk around as much as they want,” the blogger said. At the same time, she noted that they themselves stop at free parking lots out of desperation, since Russians travel by car, and their cards are blocked. The conditions in the free campsites leave much to be desired — these are “bare bushes next to the road”, in the noisiest place, where there are often no toilets or they are old…

“What prevents Germans who flew here for the weekend and booked an expensive car from staying comfortably at paid campsites?” the Russian woman wonders. They probably spend the rest of the money on crates of beer and the party starts.

“They sit at our door, because the Germans are not able to think of getting away from other people’s cars, and have fun without disturbing others. Or they just don’t want to do it. It’s 12 o’clock at night, and the party in German is only getting even more heated. They are not shy, they get to know their other compatriots so that the company becomes even bigger and even more fun,” the tourist said.

As a result, tourists who are “dying of fatigue” are involuntarily “on their way to learning spoken German.” “We constantly hear familiar phrases from childhood, such as “Einz, tsvai, polizei drray.” “Danke or Dankeshon”, which means thank you. “Fernstein”, that is, “understood”, or “understood” (it seems so, write if I’m wrong). “Chance” (a bad word). “Guten tak” is a good word, and means good afternoon or hello. “Kaput”, the word “Hitler” is also asking for, a phrase we know from war films, but young Germans do not remember Hitler in their minds. This word “kaput” means “the end,” says the blogger.

So she concluded that the Germans are ill—mannered people. “And in the morning, the same picture – bottles scattered in the parking lot, things and food lying on the ground and pleasing birds and insects. And do you think they’ll clean up after themselves? Nine,” the blogger added.

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