How to behave on the train so as not to annoy others

Man reading book on train to avoid annoying others

From time to time we have to use the services of the railway. Often, the most unpleasant factor in such trips are peculiar and even inadequate fellow travelers. We are annoyed by shameless and ill-mannered people in compartments and reserved seats, but often we do not notice that some of our habits also infuriate fellow travelers. Etiquette expert Tatyana Nikolaeva tells how to avoid this.

Как вести себя в поезде, чтобы не бесить окружающих

When we come home from the street, we consider it perfectly natural to change into our home clothes. Changing clothes on the train is a completely normal practice, because during the trip the compartment turns into our temporary home. To change clothes, they usually ask fellow travelers to get out. This is a completely normal request, which does not need to be shy, but there are some nuances.

You will certainly make people uncomfortable if you ask them to leave their seats while they are eating or drinking tea. In addition, it should be taken into account that some passengers find it difficult to move due to old age or health reasons.

Как вести себя в поезде, чтобы не бесить окружающих

If there are fellow travelers of the same sex in the compartment, then you can change clothes without any problems. It’s as natural as changing clothes in the gym locker room. This should be done carefully, without shaking your belongings over other people and their belongings. If someone is eating at this moment, then it’s worth waiting a bit.

Many of those who often ride trains have a useful skill — they know how to change clothes under a blanket. This is quite acceptable, but it is important not to cause discomfort to anyone by grunting and writhing on the shelf, trying to take off jeans and pull on sweatpants. If one of the passengers changes clothes in your presence, it is better to look out the window, smartphone or book, but in no case look at it from your seat.

Как вести себя в поезде, чтобы не бесить окружающих

It is indecent to be on a train with a bare torso, since the carriage is still a public place. If you are very hot, then you still need to be patient. If you have a choice — to wear a T-shirt or a T-shirt, give preference to the first option. You can sleep in more open clothes, but it is better to sit next to others or move around the car as covered as possible.

If you are very hot, and the air conditioning in the car is not provided, then before opening the window, you should ask permission from fellow travelers, unless of course you are a passenger on this express. Among the passengers there may be people who do not tolerate drafts, as well as those who are unwell. You need to ask permission if you want to open the door to the compartment.

While on the train, never forget that there are people around you. All leftovers, especially those that smell strongly, should be thrown away immediately. It is not nice to store waste all the way to put it in the trash before arriving at the destination.

Как вести себя в поезде, чтобы не бесить окружающих

Of course, you should not run to the trash can after every sandwich you eat — just take the trash with you when you go to the bathroom. Wrappers and wrappers can be taken out at the end of the trip, as they do not smell. You just need to make sure that this garbage is carefully collected and does not interfere with anyone.

Because of the lower shelves, misunderstandings between fellow travelers occur most often. According to the rules of railway transportation, the shelf for the duration of the trip belongs to the person who paid for it. But this does not mean that the shelf needs to be occupied and everyone who tries to sit on it or put something on it should be driven off it.

Even if you have a bed spread out, wrap the edge of it so that your companion can sit comfortably. But in the event that you are going to sleep, you should ask your fellow travelers to take their seats and this is a completely reasonable request. Passengers from the upper shelves also need to observe etiquette. It is completely incorrect at 7 a.m., when passengers are still sleeping on the lower shelves, to sit down next to them or start breakfast.

Как вести себя в поезде, чтобы не бесить окружающих

Separately, it is necessary to say about the use of individual light. You don’t need to forgive anyone for allowing you to turn on the lamp at your headboard. By and large, you can generally keep it on all night if you like it. But the overhead lighting must be turned on by asking permission from those present in the compartment.

When entering the compartment at night, when everyone is resting, use only individual lighting. Try to be as quiet as possible so as not to disturb other people. Make sure that the essentials that you may need at night are not wrapped in rustling polyethylene.

If you need to talk on your cell phone, it’s best to go out into the hallway. If for some reason this is difficult, you can talk quietly in the compartment, but at the same time you should avoid personal topics and phrases that can put fellow travelers in an awkward position. It is quite clear that if other passengers are already asleep, then it is not worth having phone conversations in the compartment.

Как вести себя в поезде, чтобы не бесить окружающих

As for the restrooms, everyone knows how difficult it is to get into them in the evening, in the morning or before arriving at the final station. In this regard, if you need to put yourself in order, that is, apply makeup, shave or style your hair, then it is better to take care of this in advance, and not during rush hour.


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