Antalya Airport is not coping

Aerial view of Antalya airport runway during sunrise.

Аэропорт Антальи не справляется

The air harbor of Turkey’s main tourist province for Russians is experiencing serious logistical problems due to record traffic – delays in flight processing reach 14 hours.

Plus, the dispatchers’ union is protesting against overwork and has been holding permanent actions throughout June called Inisiyatif Almadan Çalışma (“Work without initiative”), refusing to work overtime. The first such action in early June, lasting ten days, led to the fact that Antalya airport became the first in the world in terms of waiting time on the runway and in the air. However, the administration of the air harbor is in no hurry to fulfill the requirements of dispatchers – to raise salaries and improve working conditions, so the strikes continued in July, the first 10 days of “work without initiative” fell on the dates from July 3 to July 14. There are already cases of flights being postponed for more than a day, and serious problems with baggage collection are observed. There is also information that the strike of air traffic controllers will not end on July 14, but will be declared indefinite.

And other transportation troubles

Serious car queues began to appear at the approaches to the Crimean Bridge, the wait can reach more than 3 hours. Meanwhile, 2 million tourists visited Crimea in the first half of 2024. This is 15% more than in the same period of 2023. According to monitoring data from the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea, as of June 27, the average booking rate is 51% for July and 47% for August.

A recent case with a positive court decision to pay compensation to Russian Railways passengers due to a broken air conditioner did not go unnoticed – the railway carrier Grand Service Express announced that it would refund part of the money for the ticket when traveling in a carriage with a broken air conditioner. “With each complaint sent officially through the feedback form, we work individually and refund part of the funds when traveling in a carriage with air conditioning system failures,” the carrier noted. Apparently, the company felt that it was better to voluntarily return some of the funds than to wait for a court decision. Recall that by the decision of the Intinsky City Court of the Komi Republic, monetary compensation for moral damage in the amount of 10 thousand rubles each was collected from JSC Federal Passenger Company in favor of the plaintiffs, a fine for violation of consumer rights in the amount of 5 thousand rubles each, monetary compensation for moral damage in the amount of 15 thousand rubles each was collected in favor of the plaintiffs’ children, a fine for violation of consumer rights in the amount of 7,500 rubles each.

Last week’s storm with thunderstorms and heavy rain turned into a collapse for Sheremetyevo Airport. The departure of more than a hundred flights was postponed, and over 150 flights were scheduled for arrival. There were huge queues in the waiting rooms, at the check-in counters and at the ticket offices. The Moscow Interregional Transport Prosecutor’s Office monitored the situation and monitored violations by airlines.

20 Russian and Belarusian tourists were injured in an accident during the transfer to Antalya airport after the end of their vacation. In the early morning of July 3, their midi-bass crashed into a concrete pillar at speed at the exit to the bypass highway in the Manavgat area (Side). Among the injured are 16 Russian citizens. They are hospitalized. According to the Russian Embassy, medical care and insurance support are provided to all victims. Tourists discharged following the results of the examination will be accommodated at the hotel. Return flights and accommodation will be provided by an insurance company.

There is a large gathering of people and cars on the Russian-Georgian border towards Georgia. The holiday season is in full swing, the border guards cannot cope with such an influx of tourists. We have to wait more than 6 hours in neutral towards Georgia. Those who have completed this quest advise others to stock up on food, water and folding toilets from the marketplaces.

Poisoning in children’s camps

Mass poisoning of vacationers was recorded in two children’s camps at once. So, in the Bashkir DOL “Ural Dawns” 40 people complained of malaise, the cause of which, as it turned out, was norovirus. In Penza’s Belka camp, 30 children also reported feeling unwell. The prosecutor’s office is conducting an inspection, and the department had questions about compliance with sanitary and epidemiological legislation before. In both cases, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation is being investigated, and criminal cases have been initiated.

The third of July

In July, Russian tourists were most often looking for tours to Turkey, but in the real sales of travel agencies, Russian resorts took the leading place. ATOR analysts compared the data of search queries in one of the tour aggregators and real sales. According to the statistics of the tour search and selection system, Turkey is the leader in the total number of searches for tours for July 2024 made in June 2024. Russians were most interested in holidays in this country: Turkey accounted for 50% of all search queries for tours departing in July. Egypt is in second place in terms of search interest with 13% of search queries for tours in July, Russia is in third place with 10% of queries. The UAE (7%) and Thailand (5%) also entered the July top 5 search interest.

Real sales of tours with arrival in July 2024 in the tour search and selection system for the first time show the bright leadership of Russia: resorts and cities of the Russian Federation have already accounted for 56% of all tour bookings for July, and Turkey (the leader in search interest) – only 24%. In addition to Russia and Turkey, Egypt (6.5% of sales of tours with arrival in July), Abkhazia (5%) and Thailand (3%) are among the top five in actual sales of tours for July.

It is obvious that, despite the highest interest of Russians in Turkey as a summer vacation destination (more than half of all tour searches), tourists are making “price” decisions this summer, hence the reorientation to Russian resorts (more than half of the actual sales for July). An analysis by ATOR experts of the “price issue” showed amazing results: tours to the UAE in July turned out to be cheaper on average than Turkey and even Egypt, and even with an all-inclusive system. Nevertheless, Russia and Abkhazia are still the most budget destinations for beach holidays in the middle of summer, and the Emirates were the third in the top 3 in terms of affordability in July.


In Greece, hundreds of tourists have been evacuated due to fires on the islands of Kos, Chios, Crete and Lesbos. Some were placed in local schools, others had to wait out the fire on boats right in the Aegean Sea. The cause of the fires was dry weather.

Wildfires have started on the Aegean coast of Turkey.

A lot of people and equipment, as well as aviation, are involved in fighting the fire in the provinces of Izmir, Canakkale and Aydin. In the Bayrakla Dede area, due to the threat of fire, the guests of two hotels had to be temporarily evacuated. People were accommodated in other hotels nearby. According to ATOR’s preliminary estimates, up to 5,000 tourists from Russia may be in the region.

Due to the high risk of forest fires in 42 provinces of Turkey, the authorities have banned visits to forests. The decision was made in order to prevent accidents during fires. The ban is imposed, among other things, on visiting locations on the coasts of the Marmara, Aegean, Mediterranean, Black Seas and in most of the zones will be in effect until November 1.

Forest fires in Turkey and Greece occur annually: tourists clarify the possibility of a fire threat to recreation, but there are no complaints or a decrease in demand, the Russian Union of Tourism Industry reports.

Severe turbulence again

The dreamliner Air Europa, which was flying from Spain to Uruguay (from Madrid to Montevideo), urgently landed at the airport in the Brazilian city of Natal after it got into severe turbulence. The crew of the aircraft decided to make an emergency landing in Brazil, where all the victims received medical assistance. There were 325 people on board the plane, 30 of them were injured. One passenger was thrown onto the luggage rack. Seven passengers suffered injuries of varying severity, the rest had minor bruises.

Shanh ai popu la ren

One of the domestic travel planning services told which cities in June 2024 became much more popular with travelers from Russia than a year ago. The demand for trips to Shanghai increased the most – in June, almost three times more tourists from Russia vacationed here than in the first month of summer 2023. The demand for accommodation in Batumi has almost doubled, and in Arkhangelsk in June this year the number of orders increased by 68%.

One and a half times more tourists went to Tbilisi this year, 56% more bookings were made in Stavropol and 46% more in Baku. Travelers are also clearly interested in Rimini, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Seoul and Krasnaya Polyana hotels.

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