What you need to do to grow fragrant and sweet melons in the Moscow region

Beautiful ripe pumpkins growing in a garden in the countryside.

Что нужно делать, чтобы вырастить ароматные и сладкие дыни в Подмосковье

Gardeners engaged in the cultivation of melons in the southern oblasts of the regions usually do not pay attention to the formation of plants. However, if you grow melons in areas with short and cool summers, this must be done. Your goal is to direct all the efforts of the plant to the development and ripening of the crop, and not to the growth of lashes.

Since the female flowers of melons are mainly formed on the lateral shoots, it is recommended to pinch the main stem after 4-5 leaves appear. This stimulates the growth of additional shoots. When these shoots grow up, pinch their tops too, but above the third leaf.

Another important action that needs to be performed is the regulation of the number of fruits. In the southern regions, no more than 6-8 melons are left on the plant, while in cool regions it is recommended to leave no more than 4-5 fruits.


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