A “slow” strike has started at Antalya airport

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В аэропорту Анталии стартовала «медленная» забастовка

According to Turizm Gazetesi, a “slow” strike of air traffic controllers started at Antalya Airport (Turkey) yesterday, June 20, which will last until June 30.

Representatives of the Turkish travel industry note that the protest action may negatively affect the flight schedule.

“The airport has a capacity of 90 landings and takeoffs per hour, and now there are only 38 landings and takeoffs per hour. Planes are forced to circle in the air, waiting for the dispatcher’s command, which leads to additional fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions,” said Tolga Chemertoglu, a member of the Board of Delphin Hotels.

Earlier it was reported that representatives of three trade unions are participating in the protest action in the air harbor of the main Turkish resort. They are demanding higher wages. Otherwise, the protesters promise not only to slow down, but also to suspend the operation of the airport for an indefinite period.


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