VTB provided more than 6 billion rubles for the construction of a residential complex in St. Petersburg

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VTB has opened a credit line to Setl Group holding for 6.69 billion rubles until September 2028 for the construction of the second building of the Pulse Premier residential complex.

ВТБ предоставил более 6 млрд рублей на строительство ЖК в Петербурге

This is the final stage of the construction of a new quarter in the Nevsky district of St. Petersburg. The house of the new line will be located next to Oktyabrskaya embankment. The building will be distinguished by its contrasting height – from 4 to 15 floors. In the inner space of the building, courtyards-patios will be equipped closed from cars. The selling area of the project will be 36 thousand sq. m.

The commissioning of the new building with underground parking and commercial premises is scheduled for the third quarter of 2026. By the time of its completion, the entire area around will be landscaped: a promenade with various recreation areas and a city square, a comprehensive school with 1,550 seats and three kindergartens for 650 children. In addition, in 2023, the developer began construction of a polyclinic for adults and children.

Источник: www.bn.ru

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