The share of mortgages for new buildings in Sberbank’s loans has grown to a record level

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The tightening of the conditions for issuing preferential mortgages at the end of last year, which primarily affected the State Support program, led to a significant cooling of demand for new buildings in the first half of 2024, analysts at Domclick Sberbank note.

Доля ипотеки на новостройки в выдачах Сбербанка выросла до рекордного уровня

As a result, according to their data, the number of mortgage loans issued by Sberbank in this segment remained lower (124.6 thousand units) than in the first and second half of 2023 (132.3 thousand and 274.8 thousand units, respectively).

However, in the second quarter, on the eve of the completion of the “State Support” program and changes in the conditions for the “Family mortgage”, demand began to recover. And by the end of the half-year, the indicator had completely approached the record values of September 2023. If in the first quarter Sberbank issued 7-11 thousand loans per month, then in the second quarter the indicator gradually increased from 16 thousand to 53 thousand per month.

The share of new buildings in the total number of mortgages issued also increased from 17.9% (value of the first quarter) to 40.8% (value of the second quarter). At the same time, in June, the figure became a record 48.9%.


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