The cost of renting small-sized apartments in residential areas of St. Petersburg is 30% higher than in the suburbs

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 Стоимость аренды малогабаритных квартир в спальных районах Петербурга на 30% выше, чем в пригороде

Experts of the St. Petersburg Real Estate Consulting Center conducted a study of the rental market for small-sized apartments in residential areas of St. Petersburg and the suburbs.

In June 2024, in the suburbs of St. Petersburg, the average rental rate for a studio was 23 thousand rubles/month (excluding utility bills), which is 30% lower than the cost of renting a studio in residential areas of the city. Renting a studio apartment in the suburbs will cost 26 thousand rubles/month. (24% lower relative to rental rates in the city).

Rental rates for studios and one-room apartments in suburban locations of St. Petersburg increased by 4% and 5% respectively over the 6 months of 2024. However, the rental market in the suburbs shows a heterogeneous dynamics: while some locations show a sharp jump in prices, others are pleased with more moderate growth and favorable offers.

In the new quarters of the integrated development of territories at the intersection of the Pulkovo and Volkhonskoye highways, renting a studio in a low-rise residential complex will cost 26 thousand rubles / month. with an area of about 25 sq. m. For the same price, it is possible to rent a one-room apartment of 34 sq. m. m in the sleeping areas of Murino, studio with an area of 25 sq. m. m will cost 23 thousand rubles/month.

It is worth noting that at the end of last year, the rental of studios and studio apartments in these locations was comparable and averaged 21 thousand rubles/month and 25 thousand rubles/ month. accordingly. Over the 6 months of 2024, rental rates for small apartments in the Pulkovsko-Volkhonskaya location increased by 27%, in Murino — by 7%.

“The increase in rental rates is due to several factors. Firstly, there is an increase in demand for rental housing due to the seasonal factor — the onset of the summer period, when many people prefer to change their place of residence. Secondly, changes in the mortgage lending market, in particular, the revision of the terms of preferential programs, make the purchase of an apartment less affordable, which stimulates an increase in demand for rent.  Thirdly, the high expectations of owners regarding the profitability of housing rental also put pressure on rental rates,” said Svetlana Moskovchenko, Deputy Director of the St. Petersburg Real Estate Consulting Center. 


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