The cost of suburban real estate in St. Petersburg has increased by almost 50 in three years%

 Стоимость загородной недвижимости в Петербурге за три года выросла почти на 50%

Over the past year, suburban real estate in cottage settlements of St. Petersburg and the region has become more expensive by 7.7% (up to 92 thousand rubles per square meter), and suburban real estate outside cottage settlements has increased in price by 7.3% (up to 78 thousand rubles). The share of offers decreased by 1.4 percentage points to 27.8% over the year. These are the data of the Yandex Real Estate service.

In three years, suburban real estate in St. Petersburg has increased in price by almost half — by 43.6%, and the number of offers for sale — by 81%. The number of suburban lots in the region has increased by a third over the past year (+32%). Experts expect further growth in supply and demand in the country’s suburban real estate market.

In March 2024, the share of townhouses (country houses for several families) in the total number of suburban real estate offers in the city and the region reached almost 19%. At the same time, the cost per square meter has increased by 59% to 98 thousand rubles in three years. The median price of a “square” in a separate country house increased by 42% to almost 85 thousand rubles.

The share of local residents among buyers of suburban real estate in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region account for 84.7%. Among other regions, Moscow and Moscow region (28.5%), Krasnodar Territory (3.9%), Murmansk Region (3.8%), Stavropol Region (3.7%) and Sverdlovsk Region (3.4%).


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