Rent of one-room apartments has risen in price in St. Petersburg

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 В Петербурге подорожала аренда однокомнатных квартир

Rent of one-room apartments in St. Petersburg rose in price in June — prices increased by more than 6% to 32.4 thousand rubles compared to May, Kommersant writes.

At the same time, on average, in large Russian cities, rent of one-bedroom apartments rose by 2.6%, to 28.3 thousand rubles.

Market experts do not rule out that further growth is expected in the near future. They remind that on July 1, the preferential program “State Support 2020” ends, which allowed you to buy an apartment with a favorable interest rate. And if the real estate market becomes less accessible to the public, people will buy apartments less often and rent more often. Against this background, an increase in the cost of renting real estate is likely. However, the price jump will not happen immediately, but with the beginning of the business season, in late August — early September. The cost may increase by an average of 10-15%, analysts believe.


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