In Russia, the procedure for providing subsidies for housing and communal services has been simplified

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Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree simplifying the procedure for granting subsidies for housing and communal services (housing and communal services).

В России упростили порядок предоставления субсидий на оплату ЖКУ

To receive such a subsidy, it will be enough for citizens to submit an electronic application through their personal account on the public services portal. The main part of the documents will be requested by government agencies through the system of interdepartmental electronic interaction.

The new procedure does not cancel the opportunity for citizens, if they wish, to apply for the appointment of this support measure to the social protection authorities or the MFC.

Recall that citizens who spend more than a certain share of income on housing and communal services every month have the right to receive subsidies. Each region sets this standard independently.


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