Gastronomic projects are opening in elite residential complexes of St. Petersburg

 Гастрономические проекты открываются в элитных ЖК Петербурга

In St. Petersburg, restaurateurs show a high interest in retail real estate in elite new buildings. In the structure of tenants of the premises of the street retail residential complex of this segment, gastronomic projects occupy 15% of commercial space. They are most often opened as part of residential complexes in the Petrogradsky district, where more than half of the existing establishments (52%) are already represented, and 44% in the Central District. In total, 28 catering establishments operate in the elite residential complexes of St. Petersburg, and in 2023 the offer was expanded with five gastronomic projects. This is reported by analysts of the consulting company NF Group

One of the leading segments in terms of leased retail space in St. Petersburg is catering. Restaurants and cafes regularly appear both on the main shopping streets and in residential complexes, which has become a definite trend after the pandemic. People increasingly prefer infrastructure within walking distance from home, and the presence of gastronomic establishments inside residential complexes is becoming an alternative to visiting establishments in the city center.According to namart 2024 data, in the structure of street retail tenants as part of elite residential complexes in St. Petersburg, catering establishments occupy 15.4% of commercial space, which is 1.8 percentage points more than the values of March 2023.

Catering establishments on the ground floors of elite residential complexes in St. Petersburg are mainly represented by cafes and restaurants (79%), the remaining areas are occupied by bakeries and coffee shops. The most unpopular concept is bars (1%), currently only a pub is open in the “Kushelev-Bezborodko Mansion”.Fast food is not represented in the commercial premises of elite residential complexes in general.

It is noteworthy that in Moscow, restaurants and cafes also act as absolute leaders among all concepts (74%), but at the same time, the rest of the gastronomic structure of the offer, on the contrary, is formed mostly by bar establishments (14%). Among them, there is a bar with live music, created with the participation of the group “Mumiy Troll” in the LCD The Book, a bar with a dance floor “Wolves & Christmas Trees” in the same place in The Book, as well as the announced opening of the bar “Hoba” in the LCD Titul on Serebryanicheskaya Embankment.

Coffee shops in the elite residential complexes of St. Petersburg account for 8% of the areas occupied by catering establishments. Among them there are establishments with an unusual concept, such as, for example, in the Futurist residential complex, the creative space Masters Bookstore&PaPaPower Coffee works, combining a bookstore and a coffee shop.

Most often, catering establishments are opened in the Petrogradsky district, where more than half of the entire catering of elite residential complexes is represented (52% of the total volume of leased cafes and restaurants areas).For example, One Trinity Place is the most diverse residential complex from a gastronomic point of view, on the ground floor of which you can find a bakery, a cafe with a comfortfood menu, restaurants of author’s, French, Italian and Sicilian cuisines. And a bistro restaurant has opened in the Futurist clubhouse, the design and gastronomic details of which are inspired by the Hermitage and Mikhailovsky Garden.

44% of the gastronomic offer of elite residential complexes is represented in the Central district of St. Petersburg, and the concepts of establishments stand out against the background of an active competitive environment in this location. For example, in the residential complex “Kovensky 5” there is a restaurant of pan-Asian Japanese cuisine NAMA and a restaurant “Cheese factory”.Also, the Giro Mediterranean restaurant, opened in the Russian House residential complex, stands out from interesting concepts.

In February 2024, the offer of catering establishments in the Admiralteysky district was supplemented by a full-format cafe of the legendary Eggsellent chain, opened in the elite ArtViewHouse residential complex. Previously, the project was presented in the city exclusively in the format of corners.

Anna Lapchenko, Head of the retail real estate department at the NF Group consulting company in St. Petersburg: “Catering establishments in residential complexes are an important component for the comfort of residents and their guests. When developing the infrastructure, developers pay special attention to the trading capabilities of the built-in premises, providing them with all necessary amenities such as connection to communications, an independent ventilation system, sufficient electrical power, sound insulation and convenience for unloading goods. This creates conditions for the successful operation of catering establishments inside residential areas, which harmoniously fit into the surrounding space and meet the needs of residents.”


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