Zhilina — why not buy a property in Slovakia

A serene beach with crystal blue waters and palm trees, perfect for a tropical getaway.

Жилина — почему бы не купить недвижимость в Словакии

Those who have decided to settle in some place outside our homeland will certainly face the issue of buying real estate in the chosen country. And most of them begin to look for an answer to it with consultations with representatives of foreign real estate agencies.

However, no one can accurately study your preferences except yourself. It is necessary to approach the solution of this issue slowly and in advance. In order for the choice to be correct and not bring disappointment, first study the characteristics of the chosen country.

Cities with ancient history and architectural monuments will help you relax, get to know the country and, at the same time, enrich yourself with positive emotions.

This is exactly what the town of Zhilina is in Slovakia is a fairly large industrial and cultural center, with a population of less than 86 thousand people.

In the center of the city itself, tourists are attracted by the ancient architecture, the unusual square Mariana Square, where there are such sights as: a column with a statue of the Virgin Mary, the city hall, the Church of St. Trinity, Burian Tower, Church of the Conversion of St. St. Paul’s and the adjacent Jesuit monastery. Not far from the center, there is an ancient architectural monument — the church of St. Stephen, dating from the 13th century. You can relax and replenish your strength in the numerous cafes and restaurants of the city.

Since the tourism business in Zhilin is quite well developed, the purchase of commercial real estate in order to further build a business can also be very interesting.

Жилина — почему бы не купить недвижимость в Словакии

The surroundings of Zhilina are wonderful natural landscapes, snowy mountain peaks and many picturesque places to relax. You can consider the option of purchasing a house or land in these almost protected areas.

Houses in Zhilin and the district are not considered expensive compared to similar offers in other European countries. Being the owner of such a house is just a dream. There are already inhabited apartments for sale, as well as houses under construction, and even just land on which you can later build buildings to your taste.

The fact that Slovakia is a more than friendly and open country is evidenced by the attitude of local banking structures towards foreigners. Banks here will help you buy or invest any real estate, if necessary. This indicates the stability of the country’s economy as a whole, which makes it even more attractive for investments.

Apartments in Zhilin will cost you from $ 750 per square meter. Of course, this is not the exact and final price. All the envy you take is a new building or secondary housing, whether the selected apartment is located in the center or on the outskirts, and the offers for sale are also different.

Be sure to keep in mind that the procedure for buying real estate will require you to perform a number of mandatory procedures, such as:

  • opening a direct bank account and transferring funds necessary for the purchase there,
  • conclusion of a purchase and sale agreement,
  • notarization of it by a notary,
  • registration of your real estate in the Cadastre.
  • All these formalities will take no more than a month, since all government agencies of the country work at a high level, and the fact that you are a foreigner will give you even greater privileges when processing documents.

    A very big plus is that the transfer of funds to the seller’s account occurs only after the final transfer of ownership to you. And until that moment, all the money remains, so to speak, “frozen” in the bank. This guarantees protection from fraud and other troubles that await us when purchasing real estate not only abroad.

    Жилина — почему бы не купить недвижимость в Словакии

    Zhilina is a place where the ancient charm of ancient architecture and the fascinating novelty of modern buildings combine. It is in these modern buildings that the most expensive and luxurious apartments are located, which, by the way, are purchased not only by residents of Zilina, but also by many foreigners.

    Zhilin is a city that, having seen it once, you will want to come here again and again. To do this, it is worth buying real estate here, which will become a reliable guarantee that you will be able to freely come and leave the country without obtaining a visa for this every time.


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