Tourists in Dubai have been warned to leave the city, and this is not at all because of the heat, which is tolerable

Tourists in Dubai warned to leave the city due to unbearable heat - not from the hot weather, but from the intense tolerance.

Туристов в Дубае предупредили - покиньте город, и это вовсе не из-за жары, которая терпима

“Most people in Dubai are leaving the city at this time,” one of the emigrants living in this UAE city made such a statement about the summer season on the social network Reddit.

“It’s August and 40 degrees. Avoid the street,” a Reddit user warned. And not at all because of the heat, which is tolerable, although it reaches + 40.

According to him, on the one hand, it is ideal for a migrant in Dubai in the summer — the “quiet season” is just coming here. But only if you “keep your head down.”

“The heat itself is tolerable. The only thing that is not tolerable at all is humidity, which literally does not allow you to walk outside, and that is why shopping malls are so crowded in summer,” this expert told one of the commentators. According to him, it is difficult to go outside “without suffocating from humidity and unbearable heat.”

“Trying to get a ‘Middle Eastern experience’ by walking around the old city in August sounds like hell on earth to me. If I were tourists, I would just take a taxi to the Dubai Mall, walk there under the air conditioner, and then drive to any restaurant with good reviews or to a trendy hotel somewhere nearby,” the emigrant said.

At the same time, commentators add that this is the situation not only in August. “Even now, in June, it’s not fun to be on the street. And the sand on the beach burns your feet. In general, I would not advise sticking out into the street during the day,” the tourist said. He also added that at the same time, “Dubai was created for the heat”, there are many rooms where “there is something to do” – apparently, numerous shopping and entertainment centers are meant. “And there is air conditioning everywhere (even at bus stops),” the tourists added.


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