The most expensive city in the world for foreigners has been announced

Hong Kong remains the most expensive city in the world for foreign workers. Singapore follows them, and then four Swiss cities at once: Zurich, Geneva, Basel and Bern.

The compilers of the rating placed New York and London in seventh and eighth place, respectively. The TOP 10 most expensive cities for expats are Nassau (Bahamas) and Los Angeles, Channel Five reports.

The capital of Nigeria, Abuja, is recognized as the cheapest for foreign workers out of 226 cities included in the rating.

When compiling the rating, the cost of 200 goods and services was taken into account. These include prices for housing, transportation, food, clothing, household items and recreation.

As previously reported by the Free Press, according to Sergey Romashkin, ATOR Vice President for Domestic Tourism, General Director of the Dolphin tour operator, the average cost of a summer tour in Sochi reaches 105 thousand rubles, while Anapa may be even more expensive — in the region of 109 thousand.


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