Tourists are becoming victims in Turkey: the reason why they will not go to 5-star hotels next year has been named

Tourists in Turkey become victims - why they won't go to 5-star hotels next year.

В Турции туристы становятся жертвами: названа причина, почему в следующем году они не поедут в 5-звёздочные отели

In Turkey, tourists are becoming victims: the reason why they will not go to 5-star hotels next year has been named. According to Turkish media, citing the words of the president of the Association of Professional Hotel Managers Hakan Saatchioglu, the country’s hotels are suffering due to rising costs and pressure on the exchange rate of the Turkish lira, which is why they are forced to raise prices strongly. And this, in turn, will again lead to the fact that tourists will refuse to rest in Turkey, as it was a year ago, and this trend will manifest itself most strongly in the next 2025, and in the segment of 5-star hotels.

At the same time, everything looks good so far — the number of tourists in Antalya has increased by 20% compared to the previous year and that this year they plan to attract 17 million tourists. Among the growing markets, the expert named Polish, Dutch and British, and also stressed the “good reviews” from the Germans. And he added that Turkey is still beating all competitors by one position.

However, the cost of living in a five-star hotel has increased to 120 euros. At the same time, hoteliers suffer from pressure on the exchange rate — i.e. from the fact that it is below the required level. “If the situation continues in the same spirit, there may be a decrease in the number of tourists next year,” he noted and added that Turkey “is no longer a cheap destination.”

Recall that last year, hotels and restaurants confidently held the first place in terms of price increases throughout the summer season. Moreover, by 2022, prices had increased by almost 100% (read here). This year, the situation is likely to repeat itself.


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