The expert told why housing prices will not rise due to the cancellation of the preferential mortgage program

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Эксперт рассказал, почему из-за отмены льготной программы ипотеки не вырастут цены на жилье

Many experts believe that before the likely cancellation of the preferential mortgage program for new housing in Russia’s price will jump up to 15%.

Konstantin Aprelev, an honorary member of the Russian Guild of Realtors, said on Komsomolskaya Pravda Radio that there were no arguments in favor of such statements as such. In addition, the real estate market is currently experiencing a not very good situation.

The interlocutor noted that it is very unprofitable for developers to raise prices now, since demand in the housing market for both secondary and primary housing is decreasing. This has been happening for two consecutive quarters.

“The first key point is that we now have a protective rate in the secondary market. Sales volumes and the volume of obtaining a mortgage have roughly halved, because few people are willing to take out a mortgage at such a high rate. The monthly payments are fabulous. The second point is that the primary and secondary markets are very strongly interconnected. Sales in the secondary market fuel sales in the primary market. If there are no sales on the secondary market, then the number of those who are ready to buy housing in new buildings from those who sold on the secondary market decreases by exactly half,” the expert noted.

Among other factors: the tightening of the Central Bank’s requirements for the credit policy of banks and protective measures for those who are trying to pay the initial mortgage payment with consumer loans.

The interlocutor believes that statements about the sharp rise in real estate prices are made on purpose. This is necessary to boost demand.

“Developers have just started actively rocking the situation in the media that from July 1, the preferential mortgage available to all categories of citizens will not be extended (extended). Naturally, this causes demand,” Aprelev added.

Earlier it became known that the Ministry of Finance The Russian Federation will consider the issue of a progressive scale of taxation of individuals as part of the improvement of the tax system.


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