To buy an apartment in Turkey or to have a vacation on vacation packages? Let’s figure it out: our personal history

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Купить квартиру в Турции или отдыхать по путевкам? Разбираемся: наша личная история

I have never understood people who buy apartments abroad in order to use it as a summer vacation cottage. It would seem that buy a trip to the hotel you like and relax. Do you want more? Buy a second time in another hotel, city, country, then a third time, etc. In general, change locations, see the world and don’t get attached to one place.

But this situation is not suitable for everyone. There is a large group of people who are inclined to traditional recreation. Such tourists, if they liked one place, then they will rest here all the time, often without changing not only the country, the city, but also the hotels. I know a lot of similar families, we turned out to be just like that: we went on vacation 12 years ago to Turkey and became attached to this country for a long time (or forever?).

In general, we liked Turkey so much that, in the end, we decided, like many of our compatriots, to buy an apartment here and now we relax with the whole family several times a year. As it turned out, it is profitable and convenient. I’m telling you why. I ask supporters of active movement around the world “not to throw slippers”, but to listen to the arguments.

Купить квартиру в Турции или отдыхать по путевкам? Разбираемся: наша личная история

Why do you like Turkey?

I liked Turkey right away. We came here for the first time in 2009 and were impressed, first of all, by the bright colors. We love our native Nizhny Novgorod, but somehow everything is gray and ordinary (maybe a habit?), and in Turkey was impressed by the bright sun, sea, palm trees and beautiful houses.

Climate. Many complain that it is too hot in summer. As they say, the taste and color… But we do not consider the summer heat to be some kind of negative moment, it does not bother at all: there are air conditioners everywhere in the rooms, canopies and umbrellas on the beaches, and, of course, the sea, in which you can always cool off.

Language. You practically do not feel problems with the Russian language in Alanya in everyday life. Many of our people work here, Turkish traders have also mastered most of the necessary phrases. And when dealing with administrative issues, for example, when buying an apartment, you can use the services of translators.

Relationship. Local to visitors from Russia is treated normally, as well as residents of other countries. The Turks are moderately cunning and assertive in order to sell you some not‑quite-necessary thing, but they do not cross the line, they are not rude if you do not buy anything, as is often the case with us. And thanks for that.

Prices. The cost of apartments here is lower than in In Europe, at least that was the case in 2019, that’s when we bought an apartment in Turkey. We did not feel any difference in prices for food and communal services compared to Nizhny Novgorod, they are about the same (well, except that alcohol and cigarettes are more expensive). Clothes are much cheaper, especially in the market that arrives on certain days.

There are enough advantages to make a choice in favor of this country. We’ve already done our own.

Купить квартиру в Турции или отдыхать по путевкам? Разбираемся: наша личная история

The cost of the apartment

Now a little bit about the apartment. We were glad that we bought an apartment in Turkey before the pandemic, now, according to some people, they have gone up a lot. I do not know what this is related to, but the fact is that an apartment similar to ours in a neighboring complex is now being sold for 10% more expensive.

They bought their property in Alanya, more precisely in the Mahmutlar area, for 75500 €. The apartment has an area of 110 sq. m. m was bought with household appliances and furniture. Such a spacious property with 3 rooms allows us to relax not only for us, but also for our parents, other relatives and friends. There were moments when we had 12 people resting at the same time.

Now imagine how much we would have to pay for a two-week high season ticket for such a group. The answer is obvious – a lot. If we consider that we now have the opportunity to fly to Turkey several times a year, and this is taking into account the pandemic restrictions, then I think that the apartment will pay off quite quickly. Do not forget that Turkish real estate is growing in price.

Купить квартиру в Турции или отдыхать по путевкам? Разбираемся: наша личная история

Apartment parameters, other expenses

The apartment is three-room, two bedrooms, a kitchen combined with a living room, furniture, repairs, household appliances – everything was included in the price. By the way, a Jacuzzi was also included in the price, as well as a boiler and a washing machine. The sea is nearby, about 100 meters. The residential complex has adult and children’s pools, an elevator, and a private garden. Our apartment is on the 8th floor, the view is beautiful in all directions – the sea, the mountains, the city at a glance.

In general, we received a good five-star hotel for lifelong use, which we can visit at any time. But without food, which can easily be organized independently by buying groceries in local supermarkets or visiting inexpensive cafes a little away from the coast.

Additional expenses for the purchase of an apartment amounted to € 5,800. This includes the realtor’s commission, tax, notary and translator fees, and the renewal of communal services.

Купить квартиру в Турции или отдыхать по путевкам? Разбираемся: наша личная история

How to buy

We bought housing, as I think, according to the standard scheme – we looked on the Internet, went to the exhibition, described the necessary conditions to the agents at the stands – the size of the housing, the approximate cost, suitable cities, proximity to the sea, accessibility of infrastructure. We were offered options and in the end we chose the 3 most suitable ones, after which we went to the viewing (the company paid for a week-long tour for one).

We arrived, finally chose the most suitable apartment for us, made a 10% deposit and the house was withdrawn from sale. We signed the contract, paid the final amount, reissued all the documents and received ownership of our housing in another country. It took us 2 months to do everything about everything. Naturally, if you choose faster, then less time will be spent.

Many people ask the question, do we regret the money we spent? We answer: we do not regret it. Even taking into account all the pandemic restrictions, we come to Turkey several times a year and have a good rest, we do not depend on anyone, we have the opportunity to invite friends and relatives. Everything is very convenient. I think it will only get better from now on.

Купить квартиру в Турции или отдыхать по путевкам? Разбираемся: наша личная история

To all those who wish to buy an apartment in Turkey in the present and future, good luck!


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