There is a place for business. Five reasons to buy commercial real estate in the Moscow region

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Делу — место. Пять причин купить коммерческую недвижимость в Московском районе

    A well-chosen location for an investor means the liquidity of square meters, which will always be in demand. For the business owner, it is an opportunity to include the company in a healthy rhythm of business activity, characteristic of the right location. But where in St. Petersburg is the most successful place to invest in “commerce”? Demand statistics clearly indicate the Moscow region. We will talk about the main arguments in his favor in this article. At the same time, we will give examples of interesting office spaces that can be purchased here.

    Why the Moskovsky district?

    One of the main centers of business life has already been formed here. This part of the city is particularly attractive for business — this, in particular, is confirmed by the NF Group report. It is in the Moscow region that the net absorption index is highest, that is, the difference between the volume of occupied space at the beginning and end of 2023. Companies are willing to move here and are in no hurry to leave well-located offices.

    Convenient communication with Pulkovo helps to do business. The Moskovsky district is unique in this respect: with a good traffic situation, you can get from the House of Soviets to the airport by car in about 20 minutes. Two straight wide highways passing into one another help out both Petersburgers who are going on a business trip and guests of the city who have come to meet with local partners. By the way, according to the calculations of the city administration, 1.2 million business tourists visited St. Petersburg in 2023 — 24% more than in the past. And many of them probably got into the city through its air gates.

    Good transport accessibility gives freedom of maneuver. It is easy to get to the center from the Moskovsky district or, conversely, to get to the Leningrad region. There are convenient exits to Kievskoye and Moskovskoye highways, ring road and ZSD. Residents of business centers can also use numerous metro stations. There are six of them here: Moskovskie Vorota, Electrosila, Victory Park, Moskovskaya, Zvezdnaya, Kupchino.

    Expoforum attracts Russian and foreign companies. The Convention and Exhibition Center, which opened on the Petersburg Highway in 2014, has become a popular venue for business events — from specialized industry events to the largest ones. It is here that the International Economic Forum takes place. In 2024, according to the organizers, 21.3 thousand people from 139 countries of the world took part in it.

    The infrastructure allows you to combine work and leisure. In addition to high-quality commercial real estate, the business cluster needs services that cover the personal needs of residents. And the Moskovsky district provides the necessary opportunities in abundance. There are restaurants and cafes of various formats — both worthy of business negotiations and democratic ones. For fans of a healthy lifestyle, there are swimming pools and fitness centers, there are even squash courts, a game traditionally associated with business people.

    What kind of “commerce” is on sale?

    There are not many options in the Moskovsky district for those who want not to become a tenant, but to purchase commercial real estate as an investment object or for the needs of a company. Especially if the buyer chooses a room according to strict criteria: location in a commissioned building, sale directly from the developer, high-quality finishing and engineering, sufficient Parking spaces, etc. Such lots are very rare. But if you look closely at the proposals, you can find suitable examples.

    One of them is the project “Count Orlov. Moscow. The first line” on Moskovsky Prospekt, 183-185. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it combines an elite residential complex and a modern business center. The house has already been commissioned and occupied, but today there is a certain pool of commercial premises that can still be bought. Let’s talk about them in a little more detail.

    The first type of lots are offices on 3-5 floors of the business center. For sale premises ranging from 300 to 878 sq. m. with ceilings of 3.3 m. Commercial real estate is sold with pre-finishing. The owners will be able to redevelop, as the building was built using modern brick-monolithic technology with the use of load-bearing structures in the form of columns and pylons. The panoramic windows of the offices overlook Moskovsky Prospekt or the elegant promenade of the Graf Orlov residential complex. The large glazing area combined with high ceilings ensures maximum natural light.

    Делу — место. Пять причин купить коммерческую недвижимость в Московском районе

    Делу — место. Пять причин купить коммерческую недвижимость в Московском районе

    Делу — место. Пять причин купить коммерческую недвижимость в Московском районе

      The stylish interiors of the halls are made using high-quality finishing materials. There are silent high-speed elevators in each wing of the business center. The building has a heated parking lot.

      The status of the facility corresponds to professional management, including access control, security services, concierge service and cleaning of common areas. Modern engineering is installed in the business center.

      The second type of lots is two—level premises for free use with separate entrances from the 1st floor. They are located along Moskovsky Prospekt. They can be used for any form of street retail: shops, pharmacies, beauty salons, etc. The premises have the following characteristics: the height of the first floor is 4.7 m, the basement is 2.82 m. The area of the lots is from 170 to 278.4 sq.m. The price per square meter at the time of publication is from 186,500 rubles*. The commercial premises overlook Moskovsky Prospekt.

      What else do you need to know about the project?

      One of the main advantages of the residential complex “Count Orlov. Moscow. The first line” is its location on the territory of the district. This is exactly the case when the place decides everything. Judge for yourself:

        Moskovskaya metro station — 300 m (3 minutes); City center — 10 km (15-20 minutes); Exit to the ring road and ZSD — 2 km (3 minutes); Pulkovo Airport — 10 km (15-20 minutes); Exit to the M-11 Neva highway — 18 km (20-25 minutes).

      Nearby are the world-famous St. Petersburg suburbs: Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Gatchina, Peterhof. Within walking distance are the sights of the area: Victory Park, Moscow Square, the Russian National Library, the Chesma Church, the famous Leningrad Pirozhkova in Stalin’s “high—rise”, the historical multimedia park “Russia is my Story”, etc.

      The residential complex boasts a well-developed infrastructure: there are many shopping centers, restaurants, sports facilities, prestigious schools, public and private kindergartens nearby.

      Without exaggeration, commercial real estate here will be a good liquid asset for both the investor and the owner of any business.

      The photos are presented by the press service of L1 Construction Company No. 1 LLC.

      *The promotion is organized by L1 Construction Company No. 1 LLC. Legal address: 196233, St. Petersburg, Ordzhonikidze street, 52 letter a, room 92-n office 4. INN: 7810269443. OGRN: 1027804853559. CHECKPOINT: 781001001. Dates of the campaign: from June 1 to June 30, 2024. The promotion applies to the sale of premises from 274.87–278.4 sq. m. The number of premises is limited. You can find out more about the organizer of the promotion, the rules of its conduct, the amount of discounts and deadlines on the website or by phone: 8 (812) 305 33 55.

      L1 Construction Company No.1, LLC, INN: 7810269443

      Делу — место. Пять причин купить коммерческую недвижимость в Московском районе


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