“The situation is gloomy”: The Russian aviation industry needs 2 times more planes

Honored Pilot of Russia, member of the commission under the President of the Russian Federation on aviation development Yuri Sytnik said that the aviation industry now needs about a thousand aircraft, while at best half of this figure is now flying.

The expert said that one supported aircraft costs from 50 to 80 million dollars. There are many planes in Russia that stand at the fence and are donors of spare parts, but every detail has its own resource and every year planes in the territory of the Russian Federation lose this resource.

“If in 2022 we had 750-800 aircraft, today at best 500 aircraft are flying, and the rest are just standing. And the plane that is standing is collapsing faster, no one is servicing it,” he told NSN.

The expert noted that about a thousand planes are needed for normal operation in Russia and for our tourists.

“We no longer have enough, and we have postponed the release of our aircraft to 2026, the situation is gloomy, of course. Although some actions have begun on the release, tests and work are underway,” he noted.

Earlier, the founder of the flight safety service RUNAVIA, Andrey Patrakov, explained the frequent flight delays by the fact that foreign companies are prohibited from servicing and supplying spare parts to Russian airlines by sanctions.


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