The Germans decided to elegantly throw Turkish hotels: Antalya hotels are already in shock and threaten mass retention of tourists

German tourists are leaving Turkish hotels in Antalya, causing a shock and threats of mass detentions.

Немцы решили элегантно кинуть турецкие отели: гостиницы Анталии уже в шоке и угрожают массовыми удержанием туристов

The Germans decided to elegantly throw Turkish hotels — this is how the Turkish press interpreted the message that the German Travel Insurance Fund (DRSF) sent to hoteliers. Antalya hotels in response threatened “conflicts between guests and hotels”, that is, hotels threaten mass retention of tourists.

What’s the matter? Recall that the German tour operator FTI officially declared bankruptcy a few days ago. A temporary bankruptcy trustee was appointed to the company. He informed the hotels by sending a letter from the foundation.

On the one hand, the letter announced that payments to all tourists who received a package tour or tour-related services from FTI and are currently on vacation will be made by DRSF. And then there are interesting details, which in Turkey were called a “shocking detail”.

The fact is that DRSF undertakes to make payment only for the period from June 4 to June 10. “It is completely unknown who will cover the difference in payment for 1, 2, 3 or even 4 days for guests who checked into the hotel before June 4 or left after the 10th. For this reason, Turkish hoteliers are trying to get a response from the foundation,” the Turks write.

They also voiced a warning from the hotels: “If DRSF does not fulfill all obligations towards tourists who are currently on vacation, conflicts may arise between guests and hotels, and images may appear that could damage the image of the country.” That is, apparently, Turkish hotels are ready to return to the practice of retaining tourists for non-payment.

And the conflict can become massive — recall that only in Antalya, as estimated by the Turkish responsible for tourism, there are about 25 thousand tourists of a bankrupt tour operator. The debt of the bankrupt to the Turks, according to approximate estimates, reaches 30 million euros. Read the details here.


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