The expert told why Turkish airlines began to remove Russians from flights

Эксперт рассказала, почему турецкие авиакомпании начали снимать россиян с рейсов

Turkish Airlines has been removing Russians from flights to South America for several weeks. According to media reports, Russian citizens going to Argentina and Brazil find themselves in a difficult situation.

Several dozen of our compatriots have already faced this problem. At the same time, the carrier cites rather strange reasons — the lack of luggage, return tickets or a “clean” passport.

Meanwhile, travel agents find it difficult to find an explanation for what is happening. However, some experts agree that the problem may have political overtones, the 360 TV channel reports.

This opinion is shared by the head of the travel agency Natalia Anstal.

“Of course, I don’t want to say that. Perhaps these are some kind of political stories. Perhaps it’s just the unwillingness of Turkish airlines to fly cheaply. Unfortunately, I cannot name any exact reasons,” the expert said, writes Komsomolskaya Pravda Radio.

Earlier it was reported that a Muscovite who planned a trip to Mexico, along with his wife, lost half a million rubles due to the cancellation of a Turkish Airlines flight to Istanbul.


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