The expert told where on the Black Sea vacation this year will be the cheapest

Эксперт рассказал, где на Черном море отдых в этом году будет дешевле всего

Many experts are inclined to believe that Crimea will be one of the most accessible destinations this year. According to experts, the difference in cost with the same Sochi reaches about 40%.

Aleksan Mkrtchyan, Vice President of the Alliance of Travel Agencies of Russia, said on Komsomolskaya Pravda Radio that Sochi remains the most expensive domestic resort. And now the high cost of recreation here is largely due to difficulties with air travel.

“Because it is the only working airport on the entire coast. All hoteliers understand that people from the North, from the Far East, cannot get by train to any Crimea, neither in Anapa, neither in Gelendzhik. Therefore, Sochi hoteliers set prices about 25 or even 30 percent higher than their Anapa counterparts,” Mkrtchyan explained.

At the same time, Crimean resorts have become much more accessible.

“The hotel that costs, for example, 10 thousand rubles a day Sochi, in Crimea, will cost at most six thousand,” he stressed.

The expert also noted that the cost of rest in different months of the season may vary significantly. The most expensive vacation will cost in July and August, and you can save money in May, June, September and October.

Earlier it became known where Russians rested the most expensive.


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