The cities popular among Russian tourists are named

In April, Russian tourists became three times more likely to be interested in accommodation in hotels in Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai than in March. In Russia, interest in hotels in Astrakhan, Petrozavodsk and Yessentuki has grown over the past month.

According to RIA Novosti, trips to Seoul (the share in the total volume of search queries increased by 83%), Milan (by 61%) and Samarkand (by 60%) became more popular among tourists in the middle of spring.

“The demand for trips to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City increased by 50% compared to March, and in Tokyo — by 40%. Interest in traveling to Minsk (+36%), Abu Dhabi (+35%), Bishkek (+34%), Budapest (+33%), Singapore (+32%) and Paris (+30%) increased by about a third,” the analysts added.

Also in the top 20 were Rome (an increase of 29%), Sharm el-Sheikh (by 28%), Hurghada (by 20%) and Hong Kong (by 15%).

Earlier it was reported that a Muscovite who planned a trip to Mexico, along with his wife, lost half a million rubles due to the cancellation of a Turkish Airlines flight to Istanbul.


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