Real estate in Albania is a great investment for the future!

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Недвижимость в Албании — отличная инвестиция в будущее!

Tirana, the capital and largest city of Albania, was founded in the early 17th century and is the cultural, commercial and industrial center of the country. The architecture of the central part of Tirana is diverse and includes both old stone buildings and modern buildings. A distinctive feature of the city is a huge park with a beautiful lake in the south of Tirana.

Interesting sights of Tirana include:

  • Museum of Archaeology with exhibits of the ancient world and the Middle Ages,
  • the Palace of Culture with a theater and art galleries,
  • variety shows,
  • puppet theater,
  • the clock tower of the 19th century,
  • The Emem-Mey Mosque of the 18th and 19th centuries,
  • The Museum of National Culture,
  • Museum of Natural History,
  • Coin Museum,
  • the Historical Museum of Albania with a huge number of exhibits from the Middle Ages,
  • various ministries built in the early 20th century,
  • The Palace of Congresses,
  • Tabakeve Bridge,
  • The Center of International Culture of Albania,
  • Pertrela Fortress and Preza Fortress,
  • Skandeberg Square,
  • as well as Albanian houses with traditional architecture.
  • Недвижимость в Албании — отличная инвестиция в будущее!

    The cultural monuments of Albania preserve the breath of Roman and Greek ancient cultures, and the cuisine of Albania with fine wines, beer and dishes of meat, fish, nuts and vegetables turn Tirana into one of the best culinary cities in Europe.

    About 60% of Albanians are Sunni Muslims, 30% are Orthodox and 10% are Catholics. Atheism was once officially proclaimed in the country — until 1990.

    Today’s Tirana has embarked on the path of Euro-Atlantic integration and received an official invitation to the North Atlantic Alliance. This is a step for negotiations on joining the European Union, which Albania plans to join in the near future.

    The country is experiencing an investment boom in the real estate market. All this means that real estate purchased today will soon increase greatly in price, and foreign investment will be a fresh stream for the economic recovery of Tirana and Albania as a whole.

    Albania is becoming more attractive to tourists every year. Currently, a large number of hotel complexes have been built here, not only by local but also by foreign investors. In Albania, you can now find hotels of all categories and for every taste. In addition to nature, the capital of Albania offers a cultural holiday in a modern style.

    An expressway was built between Tirana and Durres, and small traffic jams can now be observed only in Tirana itself. The country is restoring industry, boosting the economy, focusing on Italy, developing agriculture and tourism.

    The Albanian seashore is of great interest to foreign investors — there are still few tourists and real estate buyers here, but the construction of high-quality real estate is proceeding at high speed. Investors are offered a profitable investment in real estate under construction in Albania, as well as in houses and apartments already built. Many illegal buildings, which boomed in the 90s, are now under state control. Many illegal buildings were demolished, many were legally decorated.

    The cost per square meter in new buildings ranges from 600 to 1200 euros, in the secondary market you can find offers much cheaper (the quality and legality of the object apparently requires careful verification).

    It should be noted once again the favorable situation in the country — foreigners coming to Tirana as tourists or buyers of real estate currently have nothing to fear. And joining the European Union will open up additional opportunities for property owners in Albania.

    Недвижимость в Албании — отличная инвестиция в будущее!

    In the last couple of years, the country has seen a flow of tourists from In Russia, some of them are already planning to buy real estate in the country. Recently, real estate prices in Tirana have already doubled, and a sharp jump in prices is predicted in the near future. Investors from Italy and Greece have already realized all this and have begun to actively invest in real estate in Albania.

    Foreigners can easily buy real estate in Albania, including apartments, villas and even large plots of land. Experts advise investing money in new buildings now. At the moment, it is better not to buy small private houses if there is no exact guarantee of the legality of the construction. In addition, the lease term of land plots should also be taken into account, since some terms are already running out and it is not known what will happen after they expire.

    Real estate under construction is sold with an initial payment of 30-40%, the last amount is paid only after official registration.


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