Gazprom sells real estate in Moscow

This is due to the completion of the move to St. Petersburg, the company said. We are talking about six office, industrial and hotel complexes in various districts of the capital

«Газпром» распродает недвижимость в Москве

Gazprom will put up for sale six office, industrial and hotel complexes in various districts of Moscow in connection with the completion of the move to St. Petersburg, the company said.

Gazprom refused to disclose the total area of these facilities. But, according to Rosreestr, Gazprom’s business centers on Stroiteley and Novocheremushkinskaya Streets occupy a total of about 18 thousand square meters.

The production and technical base on Obrucheva Street for 25 thousand squares and the sanatorium-resort complex “Imperial Park Hotel & Spa” for 139 rooms in New Moscow are also for sale.

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«Газпром» распродает недвижимость в Москве

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«Газпром» распродает недвижимость в Москве

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«Газпром» распродает недвижимость в Москве

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«Газпром» распродает недвижимость в Москве

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«Газпром» распродает недвижимость в Москве

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«Газпром» распродает недвижимость в Москве

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Gazprom can get about 7 billion rubles for office buildings and a production complex, experts say. But now it’s too early to talk about their real value, this is a large amount of space, says Artem Tsogoev, a member of the board of directors of the SimpleEstate investment platform:

— They have quite a lot of real estate, and it is scattered, located in different places. If we are talking about Moscow, the real estate is registered in different legal entities. As for liquidity, these are still quite different objects: there is a production base on Obrucheva, this is most likely an object for redevelopment, most likely everything will be demolished and rebuilt by the new owner. As for business centers, they are class B, that is, they are not very new, there is a cabinet system, they also need to be redeveloped so that they correspond to current ideas about offices. The price at which they can be put on the market is from 200 thousand rubles per meter. The same goes for the Imperium Park Hotel. This is a recreational facility in the village of Pervomaiske, it is very difficult to assess it: it is difficult to assess who might need it. Probably, there will be another state-owned company that can buy it for itself, so that employees can rest there.

— Will this have any effect on market prices?

— A large number of similar quality and even the area of objects are being sold on the market, and transactions are taking place, so this volume will not affect the market and prices for commercial real estate in any way.

Gazprom decided to move to the Lakhta Center tower in St. Petersburg back in June 2021. In this regard, the company was gradually getting rid of its assets in Moscow. For example, she sold parts of the complex of buildings on Vernadsky Avenue (more than 20 thousand square meters) “Tverskaya Manor” by Alexander Nabatov.

The sale of Gazprom’s assets in Moscow coincided with the publication of its financial statements for last year, in which the company announced losses for the first time in 25 years. Last year, Gazprom received a net loss under IFRS for the first time, while it became the highest in the company’s history — 629.1 billion rubles. The company ended the previous year with a net profit of 1 trillion 23 billion.


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