Moscow took the penultimate place in terms of house price growth in February

In February of this year, prices for secondary housing in million-plus cities rose the most in Krasnodar and Omsk. Moscow takes the penultimate, 15th place in the ranking

Krasnodar took the first place in the growth of prices for secondary housing in February 2024

Krasnodar took the first place in the ranking of cities with millions of people in Russia in terms of the growth rate of the average price of 1 sq. m. m of secondary housing in February 2024, Avito Real Estate analysts calculated for RBC-Real Estate (the data includes the offer prices on the platform). Compared to January, the “square” in the city has risen in price by 5.4% and now costs 107.6 thousand rubles.

Omsk took the second place with an increase of 4.1%, to 102 thousand rubles per 1 sq. m. Krasnoyarsk took the third position, where the “square” rose in price by 3% over the month, to 115.6 thousand rubles. Nizhny Novgorod took the fourth place (+2.5%, up to 127 thousand rubles), and Samara (up to 114.2 thousand rubles) and Chelyabinsk (up to 91.8 thousand rubles) shared the fifth place with an increase of 2%.

Moscow ranks 15th out of 16 in the ranking, with an average price of 1 sq.m. m in the city decreased by 0.3% over the month, to 323.7 thousand rubles. The maximum decrease in the average price of a “square” of secondary housing for the month was recorded in Kazan (-0.8%, up to 154.1 rubles).

The average price of 1 sq. m. The cost of secondary housing in all million-plus cities increased by 3% over the month and amounted to 106.1 thousand rubles in February this year.

Dynamics of the cost of 1 sq. m. m of secondary housing in million-plus cities in February 2024

City Average price of 1 sq. m. m in January 2024, RUB. The average price of 1 sq. m. m in February 2024, RUB. Dynamics of Krasnodar 102 128 107 608 +5,4 % Omsk 98 039 102 041 +4,1 % Krasnoyarsk 112 245 115 632 +3 % Nizhny Novgorod 124 000 127 083 +2,5 %Samara 112 000 114 286 +2 % Chelyabinsk 90 000 91 837 +2 % Rostov-on-Don 117 778 120 000 +1.9% Voronezh 90 547 92 308 +1,9 % Saint Petersburg 197 811 200 000 +1,1 % Novosibirsk 115 556 116 663 +1 % Yekaterinburg 115 624 116 667 +0,9 % Volgograd 89 216 90 000 +0,9 % Perm 98 936 98 936 0% Ufa 113 041 112 827 -0.2% Moscow 324 585 323 754 -0.3% Kazan 155 433 154 167 -0.8%

Data: Avito Real Estate

Sergey Eremkin, head of the secondary and suburban real estate department at Avito Real Estate, explains Krasnodar’s leadership by the increased activity of buyers. In February, according to Avito, it increased by 6% compared to January, which is why the owners of the apartments for sale began to raise the price tags. And in Moscow, prices for secondary housing reached their ceiling at the end of last year, so a slight pullback is natural, the expert adds.

According to Rosreestr, last year, for the first time in the history of such statistics, Krasnodar Territory overtook Moscow in terms of housing demand. This region became the second, second only to the Moscow region.

Last year, Domclick analysts compiled a rating of Russian cities in which citizens would like to purchase real estate. Moscow took the first place in it (32%). St. Petersburg took the second position (23%), Sochi took the third place (12%).

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