Opinion: The structure of housing construction in the regional context is changing

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In the regional context, the structure of housing construction is changing towards an increase in supply in those regions of the Russian Federation where development activity was previously not high.

Мнение: Структура жилищного строительства в региональном разрезе меняется

This was announced by the head of the Analytical Center “Dom.Russian Federation” Mikhail Goldberg.

According to him, in January-May, 9.7 million square meters were launched in the TOP 10 regions. m of new projects (+12% yoy). Outside the top ten, the volume of launches is comparable – 9.6 million square meters, but the growth rate here is almost 2 times higher (+23% yoy).

“Taking into account the targeted expansion of the “Family Mortgage” in favor of residents of regions with low housing construction and cities with a population of less than 50 thousand inhabitants, this trend will only intensify,” the expert predicts.

Источник: www.bn.ru

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