Metallurg Sanatorium, Essentuki. Prices, reviews

Sanatorium Metallurg in Essentuki - prices, reviews.

Yessentuki is a famous resort of Caucasian Mineral Waters, where about 30 sanatorium-resort establishments operate. One of the largest complexes “Metallurg” was opened in 1964, previously, employees of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant underwent rehabilitation in it. Now the multidisciplinary health resort is open to everyone and welcomes over 1,000 guests annually.

Location, how to get there

The Metallurg Sanatorium is located in the center of Yessentuki, 35 km from the airport in Mineralnye Vody.

Санаторий Металлург, Ессентуки. Цены, отзывы

Metallurg Sanatorium, Essentuki

However, there is no direct connection between the airport and the resort town, tourists use the following options:

  • From the airport to the railway station in Mineralnye Vody, you can take minibuses No. 10 and 11. The journey will take 20 minutes, the minibus departs every 30 minutes.
  • From the Minvod railway station in Essentuki with an interval of 30 minutes. electric trains are departing. The journey takes 30-50 minutes, depending on the type of electric train.
  • In summer, during the high season, buses leave from the bus station and, which is located at the Minvod airport, to Yessentuki.
  • You can take a bus to Yessentuki from the Minvod bus station, minibuses No. 10 and 11 follow from the airport to the bus station. There are no night flights.
  • The transfer will cost 800-900 rubles, it takes up to 40 minutes to get there.

They drive to Yessentuki by car through the city of Minvody along the A-157 highway. The road passes by the village of Zheleznovodsk and the city of Lermontov, it takes about 30 km to drive from Minvod. They leave the highway at Mikoyan Street, drive to the intersection with Shevchenko Street, then move straight to the intersection with Lenin Street.

Medical services

The Metallurg sanatorium in Yessentuki specializes in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory and digestive systems. It deals with diseases of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems, as well as the musculoskeletal system, the female and male genitourinary systems. Specialized treatment programs have been developed for all types of diseases.

Medical vouchers include consultations with specialists of different profiles:

  • gastroenterologist;
  • a nutritionist;
  • an otolaryngologist;
  • endocrinologist;
  • gynecologist;
  • a urologist.

Санаторий Металлург, Ессентуки. Цены, отзывы

Vacationers can make an appointment with a dentist, psychotherapist or pediatrician. Clinical studies are conducted in the medical department, functional and ultrasound diagnostics, endoscopy, and bioimpedance analysis rooms are open.

The health resort uses classical and natural methods of treatment:

  • balneotherapy (rinsing, irrigation, various types of shower procedures);
  • baths;
  • mud treatment;
  • massage;
  • Acupuncture;
  • electro- and magnetic therapy;
  • inhalations;
  • hirudotherapy;
  • mechano- and ozone therapy;
  • laser therapy;
  • shockwave and ultrasound therapy;
  • electrophoresis;
  • darsonvalization.

The sanatorium has a speleocamera, the air in which contains sodium, potassium chloride and magnesium. The treatment course includes from 10 to 25 procedures.

Most therapeutic and wellness programs include daily consumption of Essentuki mineral water and herbal tea, walks on the climatic terrace. Vacationers are assigned physical therapy classes, which are held in a special hall from 7.30 to 18 hours every day.

The medical program includes a visit to the pool. The 240 m2 swimming pool is complemented by hydraulic devices (geyser, waterfall and counterflow). The pool is open from 7.30 am to 8.30 pm every day except Sundays.

Санаторий Металлург, Ессентуки. Цены, отзывы

The sanatorium offers 7 specialized medical and 2 rehabilitation programs, which include:

  • diagnostics and research;
  • doctor’s appointment;
  • 6-8 types of procedures;
  • terrencourt and physical therapy;
  • reception of mineral water;
  • swimming in the pool.

The programs are designed for 14-18 days. Additional diagnostic tests and medical procedures can be ordered for a fee. The price is shown in the current price list.


There are 6 buildings with rooms of different categories on the territory of the sanatorium. Buildings No. 1 and 8 are connected by a warm passage to the medical unit, the rest of the buildings are separate buildings in the park.

Санаторий Металлург, Ессентуки. Цены, отзывы

The rooms of the same type, located in different buildings, differ in size and design.

Guests can choose an option suitable for the price and comfort:

Number Area, m2 Enclosures Description
1-seater 10,5-16 1, 2, 6, 8 The room has a 1-double bed with a bedside table, a wardrobe. In building No. 2, the room, complemented by a work area, has access to a balcony.

In building No. 6, the room is equipped with a 2-bedroom bed.

Located in the basement of Building No. 6, the rooms have an enlarged area and are complemented by a dining area.

2-seater 19,5 1, 8 It is equipped with 2 single beds. The bathroom has a shower area.
Family 20-22 1, 2, 8 The room in Building No. 1 is divided into a living room and a sleeping area, which contains a 2-bed and a folding armchair.

In building No. 2, the room consists of 2 rooms without doors (a bedroom and a living room with a sofa bed and a work area), there is a balcony.

In building No. 8, the rooms are isolated, each has a TV. There is a balcony.

The apartment. Cottage 47 3 It includes a bedroom with a double bed, a living room with a set of furniture (including a pull-out sofa), a kitchen area and a veranda. The bathroom area has been increased to 7.5 m2, there is a Jacuzzi.
Luxury. Cottage 50-59 3, 4 The room, located in building No. 3, has a double bed in the bedroom, upholstered furniture, a desk, a wardrobe in the spacious living room. There are chairs and a table on the veranda. The bathroom has a shower room.

In building No. 4, the toilet room is equipped with a Jacuzzi.

All rooms of the Metallurg sanatorium are decorated in bright colors, laminate flooring, bedside mats add comfort. Overhead lighting is complemented by wall sconces.

All rooms are equipped with a TV, mini fridge, telephone and air conditioning. It offers a safe, an electric kettle and a set of dishes.

In the toilets of different rooms, a shower area can be made, a shower cabin or a Jacuzzi can be installed. All rooms have a hairdryer, and guests are provided with toiletries.

Rules and procedures of accommodation

The sanatorium welcomes guests around the clock, the calculation begins at 10 o’clock. The departure of vacationers from the rooms is carried out before 10 a.m., check-in begins at noon. Additional stay is charged separately.

The sanatorium accepts vacationers with children over the age of six months. Children under 5 years old are not provided with a separate place, treatment is not carried out, only meals and additional services are paid for them.

Children aged 5-13 years need a separate place, treatment can be provided. Pets, unauthorized relocation and smoking in the wrong places are not allowed. It is not customary to make noise in the sanatorium from 23 hours to 07 hours.

The concept of nutrition

The Metallurg sanatorium in Yessentuki provides guests with 3 meals a day on a customized menu. The selection of a diet is made depending on the type of disease, there are 5 types of diets on the menu.

Those staying in rooms of the Family, Suite, Apartment categories are seated in a VIP room designed for 70 people, the rest of the guests are located in a large hall for 300 people.

The service of vacationers takes place in 2 shifts:

  • breakfast from 7.45 am to 9.45 pm.;
  • lunch from 12.45 to 14.45 h.;
  • dinner from 18 to 19.30 h.

Санаторий Металлург, Ессентуки. Цены, отзывы

Upon arrival, guests can receive lunch or dinner, and breakfast on the day of departure.

For those who go on a day trip, a snack will be prepared in the dining room, which you can take with you.

The chefs of the sanatorium offer vacationers a variety of soups, hot dishes, snacks and salads. Some dishes (drinks, salads, dairy products) are presented in a buffet format. Once every 2 weeks, a themed dinner is held, during which dishes of Caucasian and Russian cuisine are served.

In the main building on the 1st floor there is a lobby bar, which offers tea and coffee, ice cream, juices and lemonades, cookies, waffles. The bar is open from 12 to 23 hours, tea is served free of charge from 14.30 to 17 hours.

Other infrastructure

The price includes daily room cleaning, depending on the room category, towels are replaced every day or every 3 days, bed linen – every 3-5 days. If necessary, the receptionist on duty will provide ironing facilities.

In building No. 8, Wi-Fi is provided only in the public area, in buildings No. 2,3,6 – in the rooms. The luggage storage is located in Building No. 8.

Vacationers can use free parking on the territory of the sanatorium. The resort has a tour desk and a pharmacy, souvenir shops and a business center. Bicycles and sports equipment can be rented at the bike rental.

It offers a hairdresser and a beauty salon, which provides treatments such as peeling, cleansing, mesotherapy. In the salon, you can take a course of injection cosmetology, plasmolifting, microcurrents. Facial skin care programs are carried out using KLAPP cosmetics. The salon also has a sauna and a cedar barrel.

Entertainment and recreation

The sanatorium is located in the park area of Yessentuki and occupies 6 hectares. In the protected area there are walking alleys, terraced paths, and places for recreation. In the warmer months, the park is decorated with flower beds and fountains.

For adults

The cinema concert and dance halls are located in Building No. 8. The concert hall, designed to seat 400 people, shows movies on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and concerts with the participation of invited artists and groups are held. A disco starts in the dance hall from Monday to Saturday at 21 p.m., entertainment programs are organized weekly.

The Metallurg sanatorium in Yessentuki offers vacationers to take part in master classes and gain new skills and knowledge. Guests can learn to dance classical or oriental dances, master the skills of breathing exercises and painting, repeat the basics of the English language. Free classes last 1 hour.

The sanatorium has a library with a variety of fiction, encyclopedias and periodicals, as well as several computers with Internet access. The library is open from noon to 8 p.m. on weekdays.

In the Winter Garden, connecting building No. 8 and the dining room, there is a video salon, where film screenings take place every day from 7.45 pm. There is also a museum dedicated to the history of the health resort in the Winter Garden. Free guided tours are available on Wednesdays.

A variety of sports locations allow vacationers to actively spend time. Cardio equipment and table tennis tables are installed in the gym. The hall is open from 7.30 am to 6 p.m. There is a billiard room in building No. 8, which can be visited from 16 to 23 hours.

Санаторий Металлург, Ессентуки. Цены, отзывы

There are 2 outdoor tennis courts in the park, open from 8 a.m., and a volleyball court.

For children

A playroom has been made for vacationing children. While the parents are undergoing wellness procedures, the kids, under the supervision of a teacher, play, draw, and participate in master classes. The playroom has a variety of toys, board games, and stationery.

Children can play billiards or watch TV. The disco starts at 4 p.m. The children’s room is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Санаторий Металлург, Ессентуки. Цены, отзывы

In the park area of the sanatorium there is a spacious playground with swings, a carousel, slides and ladders. Educators conduct games and outdoor activities with the kids.

Attractions and excursions

The Metallurg sanatorium is located in the resort center of Yessentuki, therefore all the city’s attractions are located within walking distance. The Resort Park starts 600 m from the health resort. Broken up in the middle of the XIX century by order of the governor of the Caucasus, Count M. Vorontsov, the park now occupies over 60 hectares.

Санаторий Металлург, Ессентуки. Цены, отзывы

Terraced paths are laid past 100-year-old trees, openwork gazebos made of cast iron, pump rooms with mineral water. The territory is decorated with flower beds, fountains and grottoes, Upper and Lower baths.

The buildings of the baths and pump rooms are architectural monuments and are made by famous architects. Victory Park, well-maintained for walking, is 2 blocks from the health resort.

There is a museum of local lore on Kislovodsk Street, 5. Thanks to its exposition, you can learn about the history of the resort, its nature, and famous residents. The cost of tickets starts from 50 rubles.

Санаторий Металлург, Ессентуки. Цены, отзывы

Excursion trips to the cities of the Caucasian Mineral Waters resort are organized from the Metallurg sanatorium: vacationers visit Kislovodsk, Zheleznovodsk, Pyatigorsk. Trips to Tambukan Lake and to the Razvalka, Beshtau, Zheleznaya mountains, Honey Waterfalls are interesting. Those who wish go on 1-day excursions to Arkhyz, Teberda, Dombai.

The cost and booking of vouchers

The sanatorium-resort institution operates according to a dynamic pricing system, so prices vary by period. The maximum cost of the tour is reached in the period from April to the end of October, the price is slightly lower from November to December, the minimum price is offered from January to March.

The Metallurg sanatorium in Yessentuki offers vouchers of 3 types:

  • classic;
  • wellness;
  • course work.

Medical package

The classic medical package includes accommodation in a room of the selected category, meals and an expanded range of medical services. Depending on the disease, the vacationer will be offered a program with 40 types of physiotherapy procedures, 16 types of balneotherapy, as well as mud treatment and inhalations.

Санаторий Металлург, Ессентуки. Цены, отзывы

If necessary, neurological or psychotherapeutic, urological, intestinal or gynecological procedures will be prescribed.

The package also includes the following medical services:

  • cedar barrel;
  • ozone-oxygen mixture;
  • massage of different zones;
  • dry-air bath;
  • herbal medicine.

When staying in a 1-bed room, the price of a medical voucher per day for 1 person varies from 4630 to 6290 rubles. When choosing a 2-bed room, the voucher will cost 4430-5090 rubles.

A family room costs 5890-6290 rubles, a Suite from 6570 rubles, an apartment from 7580 rubles. Those who wish to stay in additional places in different rooms must pay 3620-4980 rubles.

A medical voucher for children aged 5-13 years costs 3390-5580 rubles, depending on the room category. For the rest of children under 5 years old without providing a place, you must pay 330 rubles / day.

Wellness package

The wellness package includes a smaller number of medical procedures: 20 types of physiotherapy and about 10 types of mud and balneotherapy. The package includes a massage, a visit to the caving room, physical therapy classes and swimming in the pool.

Санаторий Металлург, Ессентуки. Цены, отзывы

When choosing a 1-bed room, the cost of a wellness package during the year varies from 4260 rubles in January-March to 6270 rubles in summer. In a 2-bed room, the rest will cost 4060-4720 rubles, in a Family room – 5520-5940 rubles.

Accommodation in a Luxury room increases the price of a voucher to 6200-6990 rubles, Apartments cost 7210-7760 rubles.


This type of vouchers provides an opportunity to undergo treatment at the Metallurg sanatorium without paying for accommodation. The price includes medical treatments and meals. In 2024, a 1-day course costs 2,800 rubles, including 3 meals a day in the amount of 1,360 rubles.

Vacationers have the opportunity to use the infrastructure (sports grounds, children’s playroom, wi-fi, library), attend entertainment events. It is not necessary to book courses in advance, they are purchased directly at the sanatorium on the day of arrival at the administrator.

Additional services

The sanatorium offers the opportunity to choose the appropriate type of food. This service is charged additionally. The “Standard” package costs 816 rubles/day for children under 5 years old and 1632 rubles for adults. The Vip package will cost 1050-2100 rubles. Individual meals for children cost 1,350 rubles. per day, adults 2,700 rubles.

Санаторий Металлург, Ессентуки. Цены, отзывы

The resort fee is charged at the sanatorium. The amount is 50 rubles per person per day.


The health resort is located in Yessentuki on Lenin Street, 30. You can book a ticket by phone +7 (991) 222-56-47, Viber (962) 434-98-99, WhatsApp (962) 434-98-99. The booking service is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with an hour break at noon. Saturday and Sunday are days off.

The phone number of the sanatorium reception is +7 (87934) 6-12-50, you can call the medical center by phone +7 (87934) 6-12-57. All services are open on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The sanatorium has an official website, an e-mail, and is also part of the Unified Booking Service system, which covers all resorts of the resort. The phone number of the Unified Service is 8 (906) 440-23-23.

The resorts included in the cluster of Caucasian Mineral Waters are constantly being improved and developed. New medical equipment is being installed in the Metallurg sanatorium in Yessentuki, and innovative treatment and wellness programs are being offered to vacationers.

The combined effects of climate, mineral waters and medical procedures have a significant effect and can improve health.

Video about the sanatorium


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