A tourist who fell ill in Turkey was locked up in a hospital because of a multimillion-dollar debt

Tourist stuck in Turkish hospital due to multi-million debt crisis

The Mirror: the tourist was locked in the hospital because of a debt of 4.3 million rubles

Заболевший в Турции турист оказался заперт в госпитале из-за многомиллионного долга

Photo by Emilie Madi / Reuters

A tourist who fell ill during a vacation in Turkey was locked up in a local hospital due to a multimillion-dollar debt. This is reported by The Mirror.

According to relatives of 68-year-old Malcolm Stoker, the man was admitted to the Marmaris hospital during a two-week vacation due to stomach problems. However, doctors determined that he had pneumonia and put the patient into an induced coma. Now that the man has already woken up, they refuse to release him, demanding a “ransom” of 40,000 pounds (4.3 million rubles).

Currently, Stoker’s children have arrived in Marmaris. If they manage to pay the cost of treatment, the tourist will be released from the hospital. However, the family will have to wait for the next expenses for a medical flight home in the amount of 15,000 pounds (1.6 million rubles).

Earlier, a Canadian tourist went on vacation to Jamaica, ended up in a hospital that looked like a “hellhole”, and did not survive. According to Shannon Horner, her mother, 65-year-old Kelly Beckerley-Murphy, fell ill immediately after arriving in Jamaica.


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