Mersin is the leader of sales in Turkey, why did Russians start buying real estate there?

Мерсин — лидер продаж в ТурцииПочему россияне стали покупать недвижимость именно там?

Real estate agencies began to notice the demand from buyers for properties in the large Turkish city of Mersin back in 2020. Then it turned out that the Mersin real estate market is a real diamond, there are budget and high—quality housing left, which cannot be said about Alanya and Istanbul with their increased prices.

Some statistics
In the autumn of 2022 alone, 1,392 objects were bought in Mersin, and the number of purchased housing increased every month. In September, foreigners invested in 335 apartments, in October — in 490, and in November the number of transactions reached 567.

Advantages of living in Mersin

  • The developed infrastructure of the city
    Almost 2 million people live in Mersin, due to this, the city is constantly developing. It has more than 10 shopping malls, schools, grocery stores, pharmacies and other socially important facilities are available.
  • Special location
    Mersin is surrounded by the Taurus Mountains, and in its central part there is a marina, equipped for yachts and boats, where you can walk and admire the sea.
  • Clean beaches marked with the “blue flag”
    11 beaches of the province received blue flags from the International Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) in 2021. A similar quality mark is issued if the holiday destination meets European standards and meets 27 criteria.
  • At the moment, residential facilities in Mersin still remain in the budget category, but with monthly growing demand, this situation may change.

    Mersin, in fact, remains the only place where you can still buy affordable housing near the sea. These are the same options that were previously sought in Alanya and Antalya, but there are already over 35-40 thousand. You can’t buy an apartment. Mersin can still offer prices 2-2.5 times lower than in Antalya, for the real estate that our compatriots like, where the sea and beaches are close,” says Sergey Volchenkov— Director of Development at the Tolerance agency.


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