Megasaray Club Belek HV-1 5*, Turkey, Belek. Photos, reviews

Megasaray Club Belek HV-1 5* — This is a 5-star club hotel of the first category, as evidenced by the designation HV-1 (Holiday Village 1) in the full name. Belonging to the club system implies accommodation of guests in buildings such as bungalows or cottage houses, which allows you to create a sense of suburban, rustic tranquility and comfort for vacationers.

The hotel complex is located on a vast territory planted with fruit trees and pines, grass and flowers. Excellent service, delicious food, private sandy beach and close proximity to the sea (1st line) are the distinctive features of the hotel in Belek, which explains its popularity among tourists who prefer to spend their holidays in Turkey.

Location, how to get there

Megasaray Club Belek HV-1 is located in the Turkish province of Antalya on the Mediterranean coast. Kadrie Village is 7 km from the hotel, and Belek Resort Town is 14 km away.

The distance from the resort to the airport in Antalya (Antalya) is only 35 km. There is a taxi service at the airport, which can be used upon arrival to get to the hotel.

The most convenient way to get to the place is by transfer, pre-ordering it through a hotel, tour operator or various transport companies on the Internet. The journey will take 20-25 minutes. A private round—trip transfer (airport – hotel — airport) provided by the hotel costs 94 €.

Megasaray Club Belek HV-1 5*, Турция, Белек. Фото, отзывы

A relatively inexpensive, but not very convenient option is to take an intercity bus. To do this, you will first have to get to the Antalya bus station. Bus number 600 departs there from the airport every half hour. To pay for the trip, it is better to buy a card for 25 liras at the vending machine.

Buses to Belek run hourly from the bus station. The price of the trip is 10 liras. Unfortunately, their route ends at the bus station in Belek, and from there to the hotel you will have to take a local minibus — dolmushi.

Turkish Airlines passengers are provided with a free bus that goes from Antalya Airport to Alanya Bus Station. On the way, he stops at Belek and Kadriye. Then you will have to transfer to dolmushi or take a taxi.

Types and facilities of the rooms

Megasaray Club Belek HV-1 is positioned as a family-friendly hotel. It will be comfortable for families with children, as well as elderly spouses or newlyweds. In winter, the hotel is occupied by athletes, because Belek is known for its beautiful tennis courts and golf courses.

Megasaray Club Belek HV-1 5*, Турция, Белек. Фото, отзывы

The territory of the Megasaray Club Belek HV-1 hotel. Photo.

The hotel has an impressive number of rooms: 591 rooms, including accommodation for 2-3 guests, as well as huge suites for 5-6 people. At the same time, 1,184 people can stay in the hotel.

The rooms are located:

  • In the main building, consisting of 2 buildings. One of them has a reception, and the other is located above the indoor pool.
  • In the bungalow, the club part of the complex. Cozy 2- and 3-storey wooden buildings are located in the green area of the hotel — in a picturesque garden.
  • In a 5-storey Deluxe building. This building has premium rooms with direct access to the pool.

Megasaray Club Belek HV-1 5*, Турция, Белек. Фото, отзывы

The interior is designed in a modern, concise style, emphasizing the geometry of the apartments.

All rooms have satellite TV, internet access, a digital safe and a minibar with chocolate, beer and mineral water – all of which can be used free of charge. As a rule, rooms with more than 1 room are equipped with 2 bathrooms. An extra bed can be provided for a child on request.

Megasaray Club Belek HV-1 5*, Турция, Белек. Фото, отзывы

The general characteristics of the rooms are shown in the table:

Room type Features
Club Rooms Deluxe (Deluxe) Suite with access to the pool (DeluxeSwim Up Suite)
Standard. 1 room for 2-3 people. 29-30 m2. The rooms on the upper floors of the cottages have a balcony. The rooms on the ground floor are complemented by a terrace and have direct access to the garden. The floors are laminated. 32-42 m2. Rooms with views of the pool, sea or garden. Floor covering: carpet or laminate.
50 m2. Located on the 1st floor, they have access to the pool from their own terrace.

The floors are ceramic.

Family ones. Rooms of 2 rooms, designed for 5 people. 62 m2. The rooms occupy the upper floors of the club part of the complex; the purpose of the rooms is a living room and a bedroom. Each has a balcony. 3 beds are complemented by 2 sofas in the living room. The windows overlook the garden. 80 m2. 2-room room for a large family. Closer to the entrance there is a children’s room, from which you can go to a large room for parents. The floors are covered with carpets, there is a full-length mirror. The windows overlook the sea, pool or garden.
The suite. The rooms have an improved layout and can accommodate up to 5-6 people. 64 m2. Club Family Garden Up Suite. The Club family suite is located on the ground floor. It consists of a living room and a bedroom. There is a private terrace with access to the garden. The floor is laminated. 42 m2. The Junior Suite consists of 2 rooms. The rooms are located in the main building above the reception desk. There are carpets on the floors. There is a full-length mirror. 50-64 m2. 2-room rooms for 5 people. Some of them are 2-level, others are 2 adjacent rooms. The floors are covered with tiles. The rooms are located right by the pool. You can sunbathe by the pool in a sun lounger on your own terrace.
120-180 m2. King Suite. There are only 3 such rooms in the hotel. The 2-storey apartment consists of a living room and 2 bedrooms, accommodates 6 beds.

From the 1st floor there is access to the pool through the terrace, on the upper floor there is a balcony.

There is a kitchen niche in the living room. The floors are covered with ceramic tiles.

80 m2. Pasha Suite for newlyweds. Huge 2-level double room with pool view.

On the 1st floor there is a hall and a living room, on the 2nd there is a bedroom with a large bed, a Jacuzzi, a toilet and a dressing room.

The floors are laminated.

Room rates

The prices in the table are indicated according to the hotel’s website, per room for 1 night. Reservations are possible for at least 3 nights. The low season, when the occupancy rate of the hotel decreases, begins on November 15 and lasts until April 15.

Megasaray Club Belek HV-1 5*, Турция, Белек. Фото, отзывы

Room category Low season High season
rub. rub.
Standard Club Room 149 14 824 348 34 622
Standard Deluxe Room with access to the pool 210 20 892 438 43 576
Deluxe Junior Suite 264 26 265 627 62 380
Club family suite with access to the pool 272 27 061 681 67 752
Family Deluxe 313 31 140 726 72 229
Suite with access to the pool (55 m2) 358 35 617 724 72 030

Rules and procedures of accommodation

  • Check-in time: 14:00. Upon check-in, a guest card is issued with an electronic key, a detailed plan of the complex and the rules of accommodation. Check-out time: 12:00.
  • The hotel accommodates children of all ages. If a child is under 12 years old, he can stay free of charge. Payment is not required for the second child, if his age does not exceed 2 years.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the rooms, but smoking is allowed on the terraces and balconies. A tobacco smoke detector is installed in each room.
  • Rest with pets at the hotel is allowed only in low season. Condition: the weight of the animal should not exceed 7 kg. The pet can be walked in the green area near the tennis courts, and it can also be in the room. During the summer, pets are not allowed in the hotel due to the high load on the hotel.
  • The hotel may refuse to check in to a single man.


Despite the excellent equipment of the rooms, some things are always missing.

Megasaray Club Belek HV-1 5*, Турция, Белек. Фото, отзывы

Free of charge, but in exchange for a deposit at the reception you can get:

  • The radio nanny;
  • a reading lamp;
  • wireless headphones;
  • electric kettle;
  • rackets and a tennis court ball.

No deposit is provided:

  • additional pillows;
  • a bath and a pot for a child;
  • a stool and a ladder for the bathroom;
  • toilet chair for the disabled.

Megasaray Club Belek HV-1 5*, Турция, Белек. Фото, отзывы

The following services are available for free:

  • towel and deck chairs for the beach and pool;
  • 6 imported alcoholic beverages, excluding champagne;
  • sauna and hammam (without appointment);
  • use of tennis courts with a grass base, 45 minutes per day;
  • digital safe;
  • parking space:
  • “Mega bar” and “Mega Restaurant” (included in the price).

Megasaray Club Belek HV-1 5*, Турция, Белек. Фото, отзывы

Additional services are available for a fee:

  • Packing of luggage.
  • Massages and other spa treatments. The price list can be found on the spot.
  • Use of the gazebo by the sea. The cost is about 70 € per day, but the price may vary.
  • Use of the red clay tennis court (by appointment). Cost: 12 € per hour. The lighting of the court in the evening adds another € 3 per hour to the payment.
  • Champagne.
  • Fax machine.
  • Rent a car.
  • Billiard.
  • Slot machines.
  • Laundry.
  • Barbershop.
  • Doctor’s appointment.
  • Tennis, surfing and skiing lessons.
  • Babysitting service — 15 € per hour.
  • Rent a baby stroller for a child for 2 € per day and a deposit.

The concept of nutrition

“Club Belek HV-1” adheres to the concept of Ultra All Inclusive (“Ultra all inclusive”). According to this concept, 3 meals a day are included in the room rate. Guests of the Megasaray Hotel can have a buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Mega — the main restaurant of the complex.

Megasaray Club Belek HV-1 5*, Турция, Белек. Фото, отзывы

Strong alcohol is included in the price, with the exception of champagne. The Mega restaurant hosts themed gastronomic evenings, where vacationers can enjoy dishes from cuisines from around the world.

The hotel is famous for its varied and delicious food, a large selection of sweets, meat and fish dishes. Meat lovers will love The Bucher Steakhouse, which is open from May 15th to October 15th. The cost of the receipt: from € 25 per person.

There are 6 a la carte restaurants on site:

  • La Prima is an Italian restaurant.
  • El Porto is a Mexican—style restaurant.
  • Red Far East is a restaurant of Far Eastern cuisine. The assortment consists mainly of Chinese dishes. Ordering sushi for an additional fee.
  • Lagos Sea Food — fish dishes.
  • Barbeque Court — there is a grill made from different types of meat, and hotel guests can do it themselves. The restaurant is located right on the beach, which greatly contributes to a good appetite.
  • Saray Snack — Turkish cuisine.

Megasaray Club Belek HV-1 5*, Турция, Белек. Фото, отзывы

You will have to pay 5-10 € to enter the a la carte restaurants. The main menu is available for this fee. To visit, you must make an appointment in advance. Tourists who have visited the resort in high season say that it is better to do it on the day of arrival, because otherwise there may not be places.

There are many bars on the territory of the complex, where vacationers can try about 300 drinks: hot and cold, with or without alcohol, local or foreign. The drinks are served free of charge with nuts, chips, popcorn. Within the framework of the all-inclusive concept, there is a 24-hour Mega Bar and Lobby Bar. There is also a pool bar and a “Disco Bar”.

Entertainment and recreation

Megasaray Club Belek HV-1 offers opportunities for the most intense and active recreation.

For adults

There are 6 swimming pools on the territory of the tourist complex: 5 open and 1 closed (when it is cool outside, the water in it is heated). The water park is open in good weather. Fans of extreme sports will be able to ride on water slides — there are only 7 of them, of different difficulty levels.

Megasaray Club Belek HV-1 5*, Турция, Белек. Фото, отзывы

Sports and entertainment events are held every day by the pools and on the beach, and in the evenings, guests can enjoy a disco, karaoke or dancing to live music.

For guests who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, one of the pools is specially equipped. Walks in the garden, which is abundantly covered with bright subtropical vegetation, will bring real pleasure.

In the garden you can meet red squirrels, hedgehogs, turtles and other representatives of the local fauna, including domestic cats — these animals are very loved in Turkey. Adherents of active recreation will appreciate the presence of a well-developed sports infrastructure.

The club has 43 tennis courts. Those that are covered with artificial grass can be played for free. The International Tennis Academy conducts individual and group trainings (for a fee).

Megasaray Club Belek HV-1 5*, Турция, Белек. Фото, отзывы

Mega Restaurant has a football field and a basketball court. In addition, vacationers can practice archery, water polo, aqua aerobics and table tennis. Yoga classes are held daily.

The beach has water sports facilities and a place for beach volleyball. Once a week, you can take a free ride on a water banana. There is no need to pay for access to the gym. For € 3 per hour or € 15 per day, you can rent a bicycle.

Vacationers make trips to the nearest cities to buy souvenirs, clothes or go to a pharmacy — there is a belief that medicines in Turkey are of better quality than in Russia. Tourists recommend shopping at the Kadriya market or at the Waikiki Mall in Belek.

For children

The club has a special Misi Land program, which provides entertainment and educational activities for children from 4 years old.

Megasaray Club Belek HV-1 5*, Турция, Белек. Фото, отзывы

The program includes:

  • ball games;
  • learning crafts and stone painting;
  • board games, coloring books, educational books;
  • mini darts;
  • A game of hide and seek;
  • applying aquagrim;
  • drawing on T-shirts;
  • children’s bowling;
  • cerso;
  • minigolf.

Megasaray Club Belek HV-1 5*, Турция, Белек. Фото, отзывы

Experienced professionals will be able to keep the children interested throughout the day. DJing lessons are organized for teenagers. Table tennis, football, basketball and Play Station tournaments are held. Children enjoy spending time at the water park.

The following attractions are particularly popular:

  • 50-meter water slide;
  • rafting slide;
  • The free fall tunnel;
  • rotating rockets.

Megasaray Club Belek HV-1 5*, Турция, Белек. Фото, отзывы

For kids, there is a playground with cars, horses and boats, equipped with a rubber coating. For older children, there is a wooden playground with trampolines, swings and ladders.

Other infrastructure

One of the main advantages of the hotel complex is a 120—meter beach with its own pier. The beach is equipped with umbrellas, fixed canopies, changing cabins and showers. The approach to the sea is gentle. The beach is sandy, only at the entrance to the water there is a meter-long strip of pebbles.

The complex has shops, laundry facilities, car rental, an Internet cafe and a beauty salon. In the spa center you can get wellness and beauty treatments, including classical and Far Eastern massage, facial skin care.

Megasaray football fields and a training ground are within walking distance of the hotel. The fields comply with the standards adopted by FIFA.

Thanks to the developed sports infrastructure, there are many professional athletes among the hotel’s guests, especially in winter: it is convenient to hold tournaments, matches and training camps here.

Attractions nearby

The nearest attractions can be found in Belek and Kadriye.

Belek City Mosque

Next to the central square, where the monument to Ataturk is located, surrounded by a garden and fountains, there is a City mosque — the symbol of Belek. The elegant 2-storey temple building with 2 minarets is lined with dark stone, with a huge dome in the center. The mosque is relatively new and represents an example of architecture from the end of the last century. Address: Belek, Kocareis Cd. 26/A.

The Land of Legends Water Park

The amusement park is located in the village of Kadriye. The park has water and land attractions, more than 40 water slides and pools. The water park boasts one of the longest slides in the world — the Turtle Coaster. Fans of marine fauna will be able to observe the marine fish that live in a huge aquarium, and swim with them in scuba gear.

Megasaray Club Belek HV-1 5*, Турция, Белек. Фото, отзывы

The performances of marine artists — dolphins, walruses and penguins – give real fun. In the late afternoon, visitors will enjoy a colorful show with fairy-tale characters in a medieval Ottoman castle surrounded by a canal, and a carnival on boats. There are many playgrounds in the park, there are restaurants and branded shops.

Entrance fee is 25 €. Children under 12 years old are free of charge, but it is better to take a passport with you to confirm their age. There is a bus service to the water park from the hotel. Address: Kadriye Mahallesi, Ataturk Cad. No.:104/1-2, 07525, Serik/Antalya, Turkey.

Bellis Zoo

The zoo is located in the village of Kadriye on the territory of the Bellis Deluxe Hotel. Animals living in various parts of the world are collected here: from kangaroos and zebras to flamingos and pelicans. It will be interesting for children to ride ponies and participate in feeding ostriches. Address: Kadriye, Bellis Deluxe Hotel, Serik/Antalya, Turkey.

National Golf Club

The landscaped park with huge golf courses is surrounded by eucalyptus forest and picturesque lakes. Experienced golfers will be able to enjoy the difficult sections of the fields. The average cost of the game is 155 €. Beginners are taught by experienced instructors. 1 lesson lasts 50 minutes.

Megasaray Club Belek HV-1 5*, Турция, Белек. Фото, отзывы

If desired, you can take a course consisting of 9 lessons and get a certificate. Relax after the game and enjoy national cuisine at the local bar-restaurant. There is a shop nearby where you can buy excellent golf equipment. Address: Kadriye, Çamlık Cd., 07525, Serik/Antalya, Turkey.

How to book a room

The room can be booked:

  • through the hotel’s website;
  • through online booking sites of hotels and tour operators;
  • in the office of a travel agency.

When ordering independently through the hotel’s website, prices are indicated for the all-inclusive concept. The order can be cancelled and the reservation will be refunded. The price will be lower if you choose a non-refundable reservation. You can add a transfer order at the time of booking. Visa and MasterCard cards are accepted for payment. The hotel can pre-authorize the credit card.

The cost of tours

A ticket to the Belek Megasaray Club includes:

  • habitation;
  • meals three times a day;
  • transfer;
  • round trip flight;
  • tour operator services.

Megasaray Club Belek HV-1 5*, Турция, Белек. Фото, отзывы

When booking a trip through leading operators, it turns out that prices for tours can vary significantly. The prices for 4 tour options are offered for comparison in the table. Check-in duration: one week (7 nights). Departure to Antalya from Moscow.

The Agency The cost of a week-long tour (rub.)
2 adults and a child of 6 years old. Accommodation in the Club Standart room 5 adults and 1 child 6 years old. Accommodation in the Club Garden UpFamily room
Early April August Early April August
Biblio Globus 200 924 319 683 447 182 811 893
Pegas Touristik 170 630 321 842 384 330 743 000
TEZ Tour 206 021 330 270 456 878 797 715
Anex From 147,000 to 205,000 From 279,000 to 384,000 From 387,000 to 520,000 From 720,000 to 876,000

The trip will cost 1.5-2 times cheaper in low season, when there are fewer guests and the hotel is not fully filled. The price is slightly reduced if you choose a charter flight when booking a flight.

The purchase of a burning tour will save up to 10-20% of the cost. As a rule, it is rarely possible to “catch” it in high season and on the eve of holidays, so it is worth looking for such a tour on weekdays in the winter months. As a rule, excursions are booked separately. The cost of popular excursions with Russian-speaking guides ranges from 36 to 500 €.


Megasaray Club Belek HV-1 is located at Üçkum Tepesi Caddesi, No.8/1, Serik, Antalya, Turkey. To find out any questions, you can call +902427824071.

The selection of a vacation tour in HV-1 club hotels always assumes maximum consideration of individual requirements: Megasaray Club Belek has a huge selection of accommodation options. The hotel complex, which resembles a coastal holiday village surrounded by greenery, has all the conditions to make your vacation days in Turkey unforgettable.

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